Posaidon brutalize the Mercedes A 45 AMG up to 485 HP


The engine 2.0 Turbo AMG is the most powerful in the world in its category when it came out was producing 360 HP, and after the last restyling, squeezed up to 381 HP. And the engineers of AMG decided to stand there if they wanted to keep the reliability of the engine.

But independent preparers have a different philosophy. The A 45 AMG 2013 can be put at the level of the A 45 AMG, 2015 with the potentiation mild. From there, both engines can be boost up to 405, 445, and 485 HP, depending on what you ask the customer. And the preparations can be kept to 250 km/h of the tip, or deslimitando up to 307 km/h.

These modifications imply a reinforcement of the cooling system, as well as the gearbox, since the maximum torque can rise until 555 Nm (and self-limiting!). That is outrageous for a four-cylinder engine.


the negative part of The preparer, is that it also offers the deactivation of the Stop&Start (that is already going off in Sport mode and Manual), the informers of their seat belt or that you can see the tv while driving.

The A 45 AMG has, of series, the function “launch control” to exit shot from a static position. With almost 500 horsepower the tires have to suffer from so cute, but it must be very interesting that feel for a moment a golf ball that you just receive a good blow.