Posaidon extracted 485 hp 2.0 turbo in the Mercedes A45 AMG

Posaidon Mercedes A45 AMGa few weeks Ago he presented one of his latest proposals about the C-Class AMG, but Posaidon has not forgotten the smaller range with hallmark AMG manufacturer of the star. The Mercedes A45 AMG has again to pass through the facilities of Posaidon, and has gone more revitalized than ever. Your engine 2.0 turbo now produces a whopping 485 horses of power.

I Am sure that the 381 horses from the Mercedes-AMG A45 coming of series are sufficient for any occasion, but the preparer has to work to not be left behind in a war of power that has not only taken to the manufacturers, but has also possessed now to the preparers. And eye, because the BMW M2 will soon be ready to give his last word in the segment.

Posaidon Mercedes A45 AMGPosaidon has decided to tinker with the mechanics of the compact sports without altering the aesthetics. Not have been disturbed or pick a model with the restyling that includes new bumpers or headlights. Simply open the hood and have wondered up to where you can squeeze the 2.0 turbo four-cylinder and equipped the A45 AMG.

And the reality is that the number of modifications does not seem too complicated. Posaidon has touched up the turbocharger and has improved the admission. Along with a new electronic the Mercedes A45 AMG now produces 485 horsepower and no less than 555 Nm of torque. It is a little more than 100 hp more powerful than the Mercedes-AMG A45 of 381 horses.

The coach has not mentioned the new features, but yes that reaches the 310 km/h tip. To keep everything under control, Posaidon has improved the cooling system and has reinforced the gearbox. Finally, it also offers a new brake system for greater performance.

Source – Posaidon

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