Positive symptoms of the new V6 engine Turbo Honda


Complicated Friday in Austin. The torrential rain forced to suspend the FP2 and the wet asphalt was travel companion on the first Free. It is difficult to draw conclusions in these circumstances, and however at McLaren there was a good feeling. During the morning session, the team led by Eric Boullier made progress, and ascertained the progression of the new V6 engine Turbo Honda, despite having to roll with intermediate tyres. It is early to say categorically, but the new evolution of the propellant to japanese it seems to correct in part the lack of top speed that have plagued the McLaren MP4-30 throughout the year.

Fernando Alonso is competing in the Circuit of the Americas with the latest evolution of the Honda engine, while Jenson Button has jumped to the track with the previous specification. Four tokens of difference between the two thrusters barely were able to compare in Sochi, as the new engine was reserved for the GP of united States. And although the comparative real does not come until the moment in which Alonso and Button to compete under the same conditions (classification), what is certain is that the data extracted from the FP1 are a reason for the hope in McLaren-Honda.

During the first free practice sessions, Fernando Alonso scored a top speed of 320,6 km/h in the speed trap, while Jenson Button was in 313,5 km/h. A difference of 7.1 km/h which led to the pilot spaniard to mark the third tip speed is highest of all the grid, while Jenson Button was unable to pass the tenth. Well it is true that the conditions of wet asphalt were able to condition the actual performance of both, and of course the other riders of the grill, but confirmed that difference of 7 km/h without a doubt, Honda has taken a big step forward.


on A sporting level, Fernando Alonso ended up upset for not being able to
continue working on the FP2: “it Is a pity that this evening we have not
been able to run. The morning session has been productive, we have made several
evaluations of the engine and also aerodynamics. Without a doubt,
we have made progress
. In this line, the spaniard remarked: “it Would have
been nice to be able to continue validating these changes in the Free 2, but
the rain was very heavy. I can’t remember when was the last time
I saw something similar. The main priority is the safety of the
fans and competitors. the right decision Was made“.

his part, Jenson Button stated: “it is Always disappointing that is
cancel a session, but the decision was totally correct. The track
has not been able to secure in no time. In addition,
loss of sunlight made it impossible to prolong the session
. The
british pilot he remembered the fans present in the path
texan: “it Is a pity for all the fans who came today to the circuit,
but the main thing is that the people are safe, especially for the
proximity of the rays. These situations are always complicated“.