Possible outcomes to spend ITV

Whether you spend ITV in Madrid , Barcelona, ​​Seville or any other part of the national territory there are three possible outcomes after inspection : favorable, unfavorable or negative. In this post we explain what each means and what are their implications:

posibles resultados


means vehicle is in good condition and can usually move before expiring inspection. The drive comes outcome in ITV card, enter the inspection date and closing date of application. The driver must wear, along with documentation of your car, the last inspection report , which can be requested by law enforcement officers who are responsible for traffic monitoring . In addition, the car must carry in a prominent position (preferably at the top right on the windshield inside) sticker attesting to the successful outcome of the inspection and the date of last revision.

is Importantly, the inspection may be favorably with small defects . These small injuries vehicle owner be communicated to correct them, but do not go back to the station ITV so that the car has a value on the date of the next inspection.


mean that found failure in the car that compromise normal operation and safety of the driver and the rest motorists. Depending on the severity of the symptoms driver one maximum period of two months are provided to correct them.

resultados ITV

During this period, the driver You can only move to attend the workshop and inspection, to regulate their situation. On the set date, because of the vehicle arranged in the same drive ITV , for technicians to check it is in good condition. The driver set forth in another ITV center with a legitimate reason and upon application to the appropriate region.

If the vehicle is not delivered within the corresponding period ITV station could suggest Traffic Department downwardly therefrom. Doing so after the deadline must inspection done by examining the vehicle fully and not just see through the errors contained in the initial inspection.

ITV en Coslada


means ITV technician found errors and tear of such a magnitude that prevents movement of the vehicle even leave the station on its own. In this case, the vehicle must travel to the workshop crane and follow the same steps as when inspection is declared unfavorable.

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