Power diesel in familiar format: Opel announces the price of the Astra Sports Tourer Diesel Biturbo

Opel has presented us to an Opel Astra Diesel Biturbo 2016, which is postulated as an interesting option for those looking for a compact diesel powerful, a mechanical alternative that is also available in format family of the hand of the Opel Astra Sports Tourer (see proof of the Opel Astra Sports Tourer), but how much is this alternative?

This option, which let us remember has a motor diesel 1.6-liter and 160 horses, has a starting price of 24.800 euros, an amount that places it 900 euros above the compact to equal equipment, with the finish Dynamic.

To higher we ran into a finish Excellence leading to this Opel Astra 1.6 CDTI 160 horses until the 25.300 euros.

Both finishes (see price details, and equipment of the new Opel Astra) are positioned as the two finishes are more high end of the range, so that the endowment of equipment is really good, at the juncture with alloy wheels, climate control, multimedia system with touch screen, light sensors and rain, cruise control, front camera for the lane keeping system and reading of signals, lighthouses dot-matrix IntelliLux…

Recall that this alternative offers us a boot capacity of 540 litres, a capacity markedly superior to that of the compact, of 370 litres, but short of other options such as the SEAT Leon ST or the Honda Civic Tourer, the benchmark in the segment.