PowerPulse: Volvo slows down the Turbo-Lag of the Diesel thanks to the compressed air


Volvo revolutionizes the thrusters diesel with the compressed air

The Volvo S90 arrives with all the news and good to know how to make that have been shown to the swedes recently with the SUV XC-90, including the hybrid system of high performance called T8 AWD. However, the great saloon was hiding an ace under the sleeve, we talk about the new technology PowerPulse.

The compressed air reduces to a minimum the response time of the turbo

this Is a new system that Volvo states that almost completely eliminates the annoying Turbo-Lag of the diesel engines are supercharged. The block of four-cylinder Drive-E diesel benefits of this technology in version D5 of the new S90 offering better response, performance and fuel efficiency.

PowerPulse makes use of the compressed air to provide an immediate response during accelerations, eliminating the lag-time – delay of the turbocharger. The compressed air is stored in a tank of two liters by a compressor that draws air from the intake, this then is released into the turbine when the driver accelerates dramatically offering an almost-instant response.


The technology PowerPulse eliminates almost entirely the Turbo-Lag

In the present blocks 2.0-liter four-cylinder Drive-E already have a couple of turbos in series, one of variable geometry for the low and medium regime, and another set for high for this limitation, but with this new system of compressed air are obtained best results.

The improvements are noticeable in the new saloon. The block diesel option D5 of the S90 and increases the power until the 235 BHP and 480 Nm pair from 1,750 rpm instead of 224 HP and 470 Nm of out who owns the XC-90 D5.

Even so, Volvo will continue to investigate the development of turbos-electric to go dipping in the family of engines Drive-E. we Remember that the swedes have experimented with this technology in your center getting the booster 2.0-liter gasoline reach the 450 HP thanks to three turbochargers, one of them electric.