PP-Performance has more power prepared for your Mercedes-AMG GTS and you C 63 S

seems that the new Mercedes-AMG V8 has saved even more power inside … and that are not exactly few preparations that we have seen in recent months with this engine as a protagonist. PP-Performance Now it teaches us that, with the help of a Mercedes-AMG GT and Mercedes-AMG C 63 S , which is mechanically supercharged has even more to offer.

In Spain the Mercedes-AMG GTS is priced at 185,879 euros, the C 63 S of 101,600 euros

PP-Performance has squeezed thereby 4-liter V8 from the original 510 horses Mercedes-AMG GTS and the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S until 610 horses , increasing both torque step to leave us with 769 Nm in the case of the sedan and 765 Nm in the case of seater.

This power increase improves the performance of both, meeting with a 0-100 km / h 4 tenths faster of 3.4 seconds in the AMG GT and 3.6 seconds in the C 63 and a higher top speed of 324 km / h in the AMG GT and 307 km / h vitaminado in Class C.

In addition to those wanting more PP-Performance offers changes in admission and new exhaust system for less than 3,000 euros ready to take other 33 horses this mechanism.


To learn more about the Mercedes-AMG GT and Mercedes-AMG C 63

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