Praise the Great Leader! Visit video to a rarity, a car dealership north Korean

The automobile industry in North Korea is exciting. We have already spoken of its latest new car, and my partner David Villarreal was marked a while ago a special that is worth read. Today, we visit in video one of the few dealers of Pyeonghwa Motors of North korea. In an industry that barely sold 100.000 cars per year, this joint-venture mainly sells cars of chinese origin, that are assembled from kits CKD and SKD. The video has been possibly recorded by foreign tourists, and gives the feeling of having been recorded under a strict governmental control.

When in North Korea are making nuclear tests, are devoted to assembling vehicles of chinese origin, sold to the country in kits CKD/SKD.

In the video, you can see some of the vehicles that we had raised in the document leaked to the Internet on the latest development of its automotive industry. Among them, we find ourselves in this dealership, a version of north Korean a Ford Transit and an “enhanced” version of the Volkswagen Crafter, which is sold in parts from the joint-venture chinese of the Volkswagen Group and Ford. You can also find a shabby, run-off-road chinese, developed from technology already out of date.

An interesting video, that offers us a window into an industry that is almost unknown. At all times, you can see in the video to officers in the north, and apparently some customers who are interested in some of these cars again. does Not surprise me that the whole situation would have been “fixed” beforehand, it is known that the north Korean regime likes to do similar maneuvers, amañando sightseeing tours, in that is not shown the reality of the country, one of the most impoverished in Asia.

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