Prank of the New Year: throw a car down the stairs of the subway of Brussels

An action of this kind is always a felony, regardless of the place or the setting in which it occurs. But for more severity of the issue, Brussels is located in the terror alert since the terrible attacks of Paris. Up to the point that many of the celebrations planned for this new year’s Eve, including fireworks, were suspended. But it does not appear that this is sufficient to prevent some kids, of which even will not know your identity, shows a car on the stairs of the subway, until you get to the platforms.

The event occurs at a time when Brussels has strengthened the policing in the streets by the terrorist alert that generated the attacks in Paris, and when some of the new years Eve celebrations had been cancelled for that reason.

it Happened in the afternoon of yesterday, in the subway station Clemenceau, after the New Year celebrations. Luckily no one was injured and the car, of course, was empty at that time. But taking into account the time, the outcome of this misdeed could have been worse than the material damage generated. According to ABC News the station had to remain closed throughout the afternoon. And the only solution I found to retrieve the car, and remove it from the platform, was to load in a special train.

are Concerned that there are young people able to do something like that, but even more than a fact of these features can happen in a city that for weeks has been under the control of the police, and even military, due to the risk of terrorist attacks.

unfortunately, the utility smaller and lighter are often the target perfect for the worst misdeeds. According to the media, belgian (see, any witnesses close to the authors of the prank would be published in the social networks that the car he had offered a neighbor who wanted to get rid of him, and that would have verified that no passengers were waiting on the platform before launch. In any case it does not appear that it will go to absolve your guilt.

Via: Jalopnik