Premiered the version of circuit and oval short car 2018

the presentation of The DW12 modified that IndyCar will introduce in the season 2018 and is focused exclusively on the configuration of the oval, the first to be tested a couple of week in the oval of Indianapolis, but there was still one piece of the puzzle NEXT test, and a important: the configuration of the car to the circuits and the ovals shorts, with the that would be held 15 out of an expected 18 races of the season 2018.

This kit is being tested this Tuesday in the circuit of Mid-Ohio, of the hand of the two testers of Chevrolet and Honda, which already premiered the version of oval: Juan Pablo Montoya, with the technical assistance of Team Penske, and Oriol Servià, being its single-seater supplied by Schmidt Peterson Motorsports. Both riders will again get in the car in this configuration the next 10 of August, in the oval of Iowa, and the 26th of September at the circuit of Sebring, in its version club.

The main differences on an aesthetic level with the “car of ovals” lies in the ailerons, more complex, to provide the necessary load in a circuit. So, the main layout of the front spoiler has two endplates at both sides and the rear, which in the version of oval is a simple piece, it is quite more sophisticated and conventional, with three drawings and a design less high and that tapers progressively, reminiscent of the tailfins of the Formula 1. All in all, both parties are much more simple that the aileron circuit of the current aerokits, and it is estimated that the greater part of the grip, a 66%, will come from the bottom of the car, versus 47% current.


Other more subtle differences are a fork in the interior of the pontoons, with a second air inlet for the turbo and electronic components, and parts that have been standardized for the aerokits for both brands, as the ‘wicker’ central along the front (a piece that reduces the possibility of a car lift up in the air in an accident), the ‘brake duct’ that provide cooling for the brakes and the slight ramp in front of the rear tire, which has a steeper angle than that of the version of oval in order to reduce the dirty air and turbulence, and allow that the car can be pursued more closely.

own pilots were delighted to test the congfiguración oval, with Servià, stating that “since lap 1, it was like being at home. I think it’s going to be a fast machine”, while Montoya confirmed that “they have solved many things. It’s exciting because, for the first time, the car manages quite well,”. It remains to be seen what will be your reaction to the version of the circuit, which will continue to test until 22:30 Spanish time, except that the objectives are met before.