Prepare Germany! The Volvo S90, the Swedish premium WMD


The car shown on your screen is the new Volvo S90 . It is a premium sedan coupe dyes Volvo presented at the Frankfurt . Apparently, the leak comes from a Chinese manufacturer of miniature 1:43 scale, which seems to have had no access before their official images. The same happened with the Bentley Bentayga, filtered by the same source soon. Know because when WMD with which Volvo intends sweep the premium sedan segment.

Yes, the premium sedan still makes sense

The new Volvo S90 shares modular architecture SPA with the newly released XC90 .

The general sedan segment has been cut by more than half from just five years ago in Europe. But what he has lost the general segment, won the premium segment. It is in the premium segment where cars like the BMW 3 Series, Audi A7 and Mercedes CLA succeed – to cite three examples of particularly successful – and where Volvo wants to be. His new S90 follows in the footsteps of S80 , with a size slightly higher and certainly look similar to Volvo XC90 , which premiered the current design language.

volvo-s90-2016-filtrado-1 The front boasts the characteristic Volvo grille , in addition to its T-shaped lights – inspired by the hammer of Thor, no less. The lateral line is saloon, but with a more dynamic tint, almost four-door coupe. The tailgate is small and contributes to a more daring more fluid aspect. Rather than compete with the Audi A6 or Mercedes E-Class, the Volvo S90 he will face the 6 Series Gran Coupe BMW Mercedes CLS and Audi A7 rivals much more passionate and modern.

Volvo S90 shares modular architecture SPA with the new XC90 , and like this, have a range composed by only four-cylinder engines, both diesel and gasoline. Although classical pentacilíndrica Volvo philosophy is lost, the four cylinders are very powerful. Deliver over 300 hp in the case of gasolin also alas, will have a plug-in hybrid version . As in XC90 , it will be sold as T8, and will have a combined output of no less than 400 hp, with low consumption.

volvo-s90-2016-filtrado-2 In a few days we discovered in the car at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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