Presentation of new Smart Brabus, three small rockets that you will conquer

once more the emblem Brabus is associated with Smart

Urban, youthful, cheerful, practical. Adjectives and qualities that we can associate with the Smart. The new generation already has spent more than a year on the streets, but finally arrived the latest version sports the same, the units signed by the preparer Brabus. I have had the opportunity to travel to Germany to know first-hand the new Smart Brabus. A few versions that come to complete the family of the smallest of the city.

All versions can be made partakers of this covenant so peculiar. From the Fortwo to the Forfour going for the Cabrio. In this way all the bodies will have that extra power and exclusivity that Brabus is able to provide. A change that not only involves different aesthetic details of their own, but also of equipment and performance, especially performance.

As I have already said, in the section aesthetics integrate a series of modifications that allow you to quickly discover to which version we are. The front bumper changed slightly in design, especially in the lower part. But is the rear that gets the biggest changes, at least the most significant. The lower part of the bumper gets a diffuser, merely aesthetic, that incorporates two exhaust outlets.

Obviously add other details, such as emblems Brabus wheels, the rear and the triangle of mirrors. This kind of details also is extended to the interior, where we will be able to see them in areas like the gear knob auto, the hand brake lever and even on the headrest of the seat, yes is that so, what we want and what we select in the list of optional.


Aesthetically they are very similar with their brothers, but have a touch more aggressive and sporty

of course being a Brabus, it comes with a choice of materials is improved. This involves the use of similes of leather for certain elements of the interior like the seats. There are two trim lines: Brabus and Brabus Xclusive. With the latter you get a better finish, with a massive use of the simile, as I mentioned above as well as an improvement in the level of the equipment. This level involves paying for an extra 3.049 euros more, regardless of the body.

Among the long list of options that we found, it should be noted the package is Cool & Mean (+1.391 euros) that includes an infotainment system improved with a touch screen of seven inches which allows the connection of USB, as well as increased connectivity with mobile devices, both Android and iOs. This package, without doubt the most attractive of all, it also integrates the automatic climate control. For gourmets there are the Premium packages and Premium +, which includes not only the above but also all possible elements for the Smart.

series, the Brabus Fortwo and Fortwo Cabrio come with wheels 16 inch front and 17 rear

I can Not dismiss this part without speaking of the customization. do Not confuse the Smart Brabus with Brabus Tailor Made. These last allow for greater customization without having to select the most powerful engine of all, but only in the case of the Smart Fortwo. The Brabus also have a high degree of customization, but in this case they have the details of design own that I have previously mentioned.


The interior is practical and well resolved, but the plastic remains the primary material

But let’s move on to the fundamental point of this small, the engine. Smart has returned to using the block three-cylinder 900 cubic centimeters, which we already knew, the same that up to now was capable of delivering 90 HP. However, thanks to certain tweaks here and there, now increases the performance of the engine to 109 HP. It may seem a slight rise, just 19 horses, but believe me when I tell you that you notice and much.

Test range Smart Brabus

Well, first of all I have to give performance data so that we may better understand your behavior. Needless to say, we are not faced with the fastest cars in the world, its data show. The 0 to 100 Km/h takes complete between 9.5 and 10.5 seconds, this last value corresponds to the Smart Forfour, and as a curiosity, say that the that has a higher tip speed is the Cabrio, 180 Km/h, followed by the Fortwo 175 and the Forfour, 165.

Now, entering into flour; how do you translate those figures on the asphalt? The truth is that in his time, in the trial of the Smart Fortwo Cabrio, I already had the feeling of a joy extreme, but now, with 19 horses the experience is even more fun. I repeat again that there are cars more powerful or fast in the world, but do not need to be the truth. Your playing field is the city and in that environment they operate with maximum capacity. Possibly an unrivalled ability, except for the electric range that will be presented at the end of the year.

just like the normal versions, Brabus use a system of rear-wheel-drive

The engine, the power and the delivery is the same in all three cases, so that there are hardly any differences in terms of behavior and performance. Well it is true that the more lively are the little ones of the family, the Fortwo. Brabus has been charged that all of them may have changed dynamics to better fit your philosophy. This implies a new address, a new suspension and a few tweaks here and there which far from to destroy what exists, what improve.

I Repeat that in urban areas it operates like a charm, its turning radius of just 6,95 meters help, not a single but not a single blemish, this is how you should behave around car of these dimensions, which are not many everything is said of step. If we move away from the core urbanized reaches me surprise how much it has improved the family Smart. In past editions is not that they couldn’t, but yes it is true that not gave off the same feeling of poise and security that now.

The test was spent by German soil, partly by its great highways without speed limits. I Just have to tell you that the 170 Km/h catches them with surprising ease. I’ve been very, very surprised with the way that it gains speed, regardless of the body. It is more, I have the feeling that the speed limit is pure formality, of security because it could easily take more.


The differences are in the details, such as the hand brake lever

So yeah, also going well on the road. In regards to noise, it is logical that he Fortwo Cabrio is the more noisy, although not as much as you might expect eye. They all have their point of comfort. May be Smart, or be touched by Brabus, but they do not make a product that Mercedes and that is felt in the comfort. The suspensions are soft, while the rear axle responds in a manner more dry, which was appreciated driving more joyful.

Changing of ground, delving into tracks twisty and fast, coming back that sense of fun. The Smart cars very nimble, and the Brabus are a little bit more. Responds as a spark to the changes of direction, although these are made to over-speed the trend nature of the understeer coming to the fore, although it is recognised that the ESP is quite permissive, coming to act very to the limit to keep things under control.

The increase in power may not seem far-fetched, but extrapolating data implies nearly a 20% more with respect to the TCe of 90 HP

Part of the test occurred at the circuit. I know, I know that no one will go with a Smart Brabus to a day of courses, but served to confirm to your reactions to the limit, at least the Smart Fortwo, which is the model that was held this part of the test. As defined by its creators, is a Pocket Rocket Car. A toy tremendously lively and dynamic. Can reach to get things complicated if you go with a higher rate of what is because, but therein lies its grace that leaves you, leaves you to do much, with that smile of your face is insured. The only thing that convinced me was the direction, at certain moments, not conveying all that I should, but I repeat: no one is going to happen to go to a circuit with a Smart, Brabus, which is.


Only available with the automatic change of double clutch

In terms of its change, is a product that we already knew a long time ago. Are only available with automatic DCT double clutch. It is an option that I consider essential to any Smart. is Not the faster change in the world, but it fits like a glove to the family. If we activate the Sport mode makes a difference. The marches stretched their relationship, they are also more abrupt, acting more quickly. At the top in the sport mode they sound even better. You notice the change the truth.


Just before the arrival of the versions purely electric, Smart and Brabus have wanted to delight us with versions of the most powerful, dynamic and cheerful family. The three, Fortwo, Forfour, and Fortwo Cabrio, retain the qualities that we already knew: joy, cheerfulness, and above all practicality and daily urban. These attributes are still there, but now we have to add more spark, more power and fun, without being able to forget the highest quality.

Are products with the emblem Brabus, and the preparer German brings his touch in aesthetic elements of the exterior, as well as of the interior. Parts of the passenger compartment, such as the dashboard, they can receive a better quality of materials. Similes of leather, all of them, but still a car where the plastic abounds. It is what it is. That is to be used daily, for mistreatment, by going and seeing the work, to park it in the street carelessly… If you want more quality you need to look at something of the range Mercedes, because Smart is not what you will find.

The joy of a Smart but with more power. So is the new range of Brabus

finally its price. Of departure is situated in nearly 18,700 euros for the Fortwo. This is a difference of minimum price of nearly 6,000 euros with respect to the Fortwo Tec 70 horses. My opinion: if you want to a toy a lot of fun, when practical, and highly customizable, do not hesitate the range Brabus Smart is for you. On the contrary, if you are looking for the same thing, but without so much power the Smart normal are the right bet. The joy is guaranteed at a lower price. Not erraras with the choice.