Presentation of the new 911 at Centro Porsche Barcelona

The new facilities of Centro Porsche Barcelona in Paris street embraced the feast of the presentation of the new Porsche 911. After an introduction by Eduardo Costabal and Jose Velasco, President of the center and Manager respectively, the 300 invited guests were able to enjoy the catering and live music while learning the restyling of the 911.

The new models on display were two Carrera S, grey metallic with interior burgundy and white with interior cream, accompanied by a exposure of previous generations of the 911 on the top floor.


The the main novelty of the new Race is the introduction of engines biturbo in the whole range, looking to improve the efficiency and consumption so as to cope with increasingly strict regulations. It has also achieved a considerable improvement in the performance, with the new boxer engine with 6 cylinders and 3 liters that has couple at low rpm (500 Nm from 1700 RPM for the Carrera S) and power (420 Hp for the Carrera S).

Equipped with the transmission PDK double-clutch and Sport package Plus, Carrera S accelerates from 0 to 100 in 3.9 seconds and reaches 306 Km/h. Consumption combined is 7.7 liters per 100 Km. The price of the 911 Carrera part of 107.653€ in Spain.

Outwardly, the tweaks to the appearance of the 911 have been as always very subtle. The lines of the front are more angular, increasing the size of the air inlets on the side. The lines LED lower are thinner, and now the headlights incorporate 4-LED daytime. In the rear the drivers have more relief, and turned on to produce a three dimensional effect.


What that allows us to more easily recognise the new 911 from the previous one is the rear rack, now with vertical lines instead of horizontal. In the interior, the new touch-screen display with Apple CarPlay and the new multifunction steering wheel with selector for modes of driving are the main changes compared to the previous model.

Up to now limited to the GT3, the steering system of the rear axle is also available for the Race, improving the stability in maneuvering at high speeds and reduce the turning radius at low speed. The most controversial aspect of the new car with turbo engine is without a doubt the sound. The sports exhaust option with two outputs power plants supposedly allows you to retain the new 911 its distinctive sound, but without having heard even in person will have to wait for our contact with the car.

On the top floor were exposed to some models of the previous generations of the 911, you can see them at the beginning of the article in the gallery of the event.