Presentation of the range Jeep 75th anniversary, for the love of the off-road


the Entire range will benefit from the editions 75 anniversary, even though only the higher levels of the same

Who could imagine, back in the year 1941, Jeep is becoming what it is today? It is hard to believe that a brand as famous and beloved as the american born of a need. The need of the Army of the united States by having an vehicle multipurpose with which criss-cross the vast lands of Europe and Asia on the occasion of the Second World War. But yes, it’s already been 75 years of the request, and Jeep celebrates launching a special edition for its entire range.

For this reason brought us together yesterday in the madrid estate of The arum bush groves with the intention that we know first-hand this very special edition and commemorative will be limited to 8,000 units into the market in EMEA and 500 in our country. The units 1941 75th anniversary, will be applied to the entire range, from the small and successful Jeep Renegade up to the legendary and non-combustible Wrangler.

As is usual in the u.s. firm, the units will not only will benefit from certain special details, but that will also be provided with equipment and customization, particular. The latter includes details of the automobile such as applique, 1941, front grille in body colour, emblems to the game, as well as wheels and unique paintings, in which he noted the green Jungle of the units that were exposed in the presentation.


Emblems and colors of their own to versions 75th anniversary

In terms of prices, the range starts in the 28.550 € Renegade 75 Anniversary. Obviously all the units are represented in the echelons highest of the range mechanical. Moreover all of them incorporate a four wheel drive. A detail obvious to not be included would not be worthy of the special edition. The rest of the range is already available in all dealerships, with prices that just yesterday I commented.

In terms of their behavior on the field, I do not doubt that Jeep still preserving the innate qualities that we all look forward to it. No matter the size of the car, as this will be able to cope with obstacles more difficult, that we can imagine, despite the fact that some units of the Renegade and the Jeep Cherokee equipped tires on asphalt. Even so, the off-road capabilities will not fail to impress.

the Record to say that the circuits are arranged in the estate of the arum bush groves were difficulty advanced, one of which was exclusively reserved for the older brothers of the range, that is to say the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Wrangler. Pending impossible, ditches wild-depth, cross-axis that hurt with them only… that Is to say a ground where these beasts feel like a fish in the water.

The truth is that, everything is said of step, the Jeep get very easy advance, you just have to properly manage the way in which the four-wheel drive works, either blocking or differential selecting long marches and short if we are in the Jeep Wrangler. If done well this work, and you are controlling the pedals in the correct way, it is the Jeep which is in charge of advance regardless of the obstacle before which we situemos. Pure strength.


The interior also receives those touches of the particular commemorative edition

A force that, as I say, was born 75 years ago by the need. From the Willys-Overland made act of presence in 1941, up to our days, Jeep has conquered the market of off-road, first with versions by civilian Willys, the amazing CJ, precursor to the Wrangler, and Wagoneer, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Renegade. And more to come.

And is, as I have already said Jeep is living a second youth since its alliance with the FIAT group. Between 2010 and 2015, the brand has experienced an expansion in the old continent, a growth of 518% in that time period. And Spain is not immune to this growth radical, since in that five-year span, americans have grown 259% the number of its sales. Only in the season 2014-2015 the growth was 205%. The time period in which the Renegade made act of presence.

In short, by a lot over the years, Jeep is still Jeep. And that involves some capabilities that few can match. The future is looking good for the brand. In a few years we will get to know more models of the house, some of them will fight in the segments more contestable of the european scene, as is the case of the new Jeep Compass, while others pretend to attack the more senior classes in the status car. That yes, all will come, in the format Crossover or suv.