Presentation Volvo S90, as good as it seems and even more


Pure scandinavian style. So is the Volvo S90, a whole wonder

The segment E, the hatchback great, is not the most competitive or large market. However it is vital for the premium brands, since it is in him where they can present the true level that they are capable of achieving. Volvo, recovers this time the appellation S90 to make us see that it’s still taking things seriously, and to check it I have traveled to Malaga to attend the presentation of the Volvo S90.

I must say that there has already been an S90, which was at the end of the years 90. Has been the name chosen by the swedes to make it disappear to its predecessor, the Volvo S80. This indicates to us that we are not only a completely new car, but a completely new concept. Yes that fight in the same segment, but the S90 is far above its predecessor and that you need to do that to notice.

Among its direct rivals, we find the German Audi A6, BMW 5-Series and Mercedes E-Class, in addition to the English Jaguar XF. The five occupying the largest part of the market sales, and despite the fact that may be conceived by one pattern, the six exposed to different arguments. The newest is Swedish, and I must say that Volvo has recovered all of the positions that the time had made him lose.

The S80 has always been considered one of the best in the segment, but its sales could not reach to the trident German. Possibly the new don’t do it, but it will not be by their a lot of reasons. To start with the design. Is long the most beautiful of all. Was a long time that a saloon was not with a design so elegant, away from the usual sports packs, although they are also available thanks to the new finish R-Design.


The hammer of Thor is already part of the typical design of Volvo

The Volvo S90 looks with pride a new design philosophy within the brand, which was begun by his great elder brother, the Volvo XC90. It is a design that[19459006conveysclasseleganceanddistinctionjustbyseeing. A style that’s very Swedish, but very avant-garde. Time will tell but it sure the S90 supports better the passage of time that the rest of their rivals.

Both Audi as BMW will have to work hard to regain the ground won by the E-Class and the Volvo S90

But Volvo has not focused solely on the exterior, as the interior is able to convey the same feeling. Is to open its doors and enter into a world of luxury. As is usual in the house, the materials chosen are of the best that we can find, the workmanship is exquisite and the touch, wherever it touches, it is of true premium quality. It gives you the feeling of going in a car of those that we call representation, of these that can be worth the double the price of the S90.

Is laudable in the design work of the interior. As dictated by the current rules, the technology has to be made clear in the cars, however Volvo has managed to present it in a very different way. Yes, there is a large screen in the center console, yes, there is a tremendous capacity of devices, but are displayed in a way very subtle. I repeat the word elegance. That is the one that best defines the S90.


In total there will be six variants mechanical when you land the hybrid next year

As I say technology, there are, and by a tube. Yes it is true that most of it is focused on security. Dispositivos and attendees of last generation are crowded on top of each other to make the S90 one of the safer cars in the world thanks to the system Intellisafe. A battalion of cameras and sensors are in charge of having everything under control, alerting us to dangers and risks that are located both in front and behind us.

For the rest, everything you can imagine, in terms of technology I’m referring to, the Volvo S90 has it. All of this is controlled through the large screen of the console, as I mentioned above. In reality, it is a Tablet, because its operation is as such. Just a small row of buttons below it, plus the typical buttons of the windows, are reminiscent of the old analog buttons.

In the mechanical part, nor that to say has that the S90 does not keep anything of its predecessor. Volvo is a brand that is very aware of the environment, and therefore has developed a new range of engines, much more efficient and efficient than their predecessors. By the time we found three blocks diesel and two petrol. Soon will add a hybrid variant plug-in that will contain the same settings as on the XC90, and that immediately positioned as the more powerful variant of all with 400 HP.


the scheme of The interior is very similar to that of the XC90, although with slight changes

Test Volvo S90 T6

Volvo has always been known for being a different brand, that is not so extraordinary. Always has focused on delivering a great driving experience in addition to the already known safety and quality. All these qualities continue to present the Volvo S90, but oversized. We are in a car of higher category, and this not only shows in the design, finishes and technology, but on the behavior.

The unit tested equates to the most powerful version of the range, andl T6 petrol with 320 horsepower, all-wheel drive and automatic dual-clutch eight-speed. Obviously won’t be the version most sold and desired of all, but recognize that it is impressive as you move the 1,800 kg of the S90.

Volvo, always aware of the respect for the environment, has developed a new range of four-cylinder engines for the family 90. There are No larger blocks. The generation Drive-E stands out for its small size, its high power and the use of compressed air, which significantly reduced the traditional delay of the entry of the turbo. That is to say a development complex that has a single purpose: to contaminate and to spend little.


Changes in manual and automatic dual clutch without a torque produced at the steering wheel,

If we go to the tab technique, we check that Volvo approves an average consumption of 7.2 liters per 100 kilometers. During the test there was no time to perform a conclusive test, but the truth is that the figures are totally believable and really low to be a car nearly five meters long, up to 1,800 kilograms, all-wheel drive and 320 HP.

As I have already said, Volvo has always stood out for the behavior that is able to print to their cars. We are facing a huge saloon, the first one that has to fight against the all-powerful German, and I certainly think that the swedes made it very difficult. It is a marvel for its refinement and driving.

The starting price of the S90 is 44.911 euros, the D5 will be the most sought-after and boots in 59.950 euros

From the point of view of refinement the passenger compartment of the S90 es as a security room. Once you close the doors you isolate the world. Nothing noise, neither from the outside nor from the motor. Of course, plays a key role in insulating and double glazing. But it is not alone in standing when you check how well soundproofed it is, but also on the road, even at high speeds. That is when you realize that the work of design also has an aerodynamic work.


The central plaza is not overly comfortable, because all the space will be taken by the end

For its part, the suspension finishes off the job. I must say that the unit tested came with air suspension, and needless to say, the miracle that this provides when driving a car. By very well tared that it is a spring suspension never will match the behavior of a pneumatic.

do With all this what I want to say? Well, the Volvo S90 is like a train. Filters of wonder any obstacle, bump or speed hump that we find on the road. Always level, always comfortable. The air suspension involves the integration of some maps-driving, four-in-fact: Eco, Comfort, Dynamic and Individual.

The difference between them is quite remarkable, especially between the Eco mode and the sport. In the latter the steering stiffens, the suspension is taut to prevent swaying and the change reduces your relationship, providing more rapid and effective. By the way, a paste, no cams. It is not anything deadly, but yes that would be good to be able to make the changes to the taste of each one without having to move the lever. But as we have communicated to the engineers of Volvo, will arrive soon.


Four driving modes, one of them configurable to your taste

As I say, are not vital to driving, but would give the edge to the excellent performance of the S90. Is intended and designed for long trips. For put the Pilot Assist, plug in the massje more relaxing seats and devour miles without stopping. But this does not mean that their behavior is not good for twisty roads. I was surprised and much in this type of terrain.

is Not a small car, nor a buzzard, but eye how well that unfolds in terrain unfriendly. Is quite flexible, which allows you to transmit a great feeling of confidence. In addition to the acoustic insulation one is hardly aware of the speeds that you can pick up and draw. Well it is true that the unit formed part of the total traction, but guided on the curve is very price and his pace can get to be very, very, high.

In short, the Volvo S90 brings back the golden era of Volvo. The brand is living a second youth, and if it continues to market products like the XC90 or the S90, has a rope for a while. We are faced with a car that does not sell so well as their German rivals (the reasons would be for another article) but the truth is that they will subtract sales with all safety, and every reason has. In a word: cool car.


After many years of waiting Volvo takes up the path of the larger sedans, and makes it big