Presentation Volvo V90, which whole family may need


despite being a saloon, its design attracts attention and more than one is looking at it

As I said yesterday, Volvo takes the pulse of the segment And the segment of the large sedans. Your bet is the new range S90, which is already on the market. It is formed by a family that will cover a total of three bodies different, the saloon, the S90 of the yesterday I told you about, the S90 Cross Country, the version jacket, and finally the family unit, the Volvo V90 which I also had occasion to know in the presentation of malaga.

There are that say that the V90 was born from the saloon. Therefore both share the vast majority of components, parts and design. We are faced with the same elegant design and refined than yesterday’s mention. A classic style to the pair that avant-garde with a touch of class that to me makes the S90 and V90, the saloon and the family most beautiful of the segment.

Obviously the family introduces a number of changes that enable you to extend the space. What is most curious is that this does not imply a change of dimensions or of battle. Therefore all the space that wins the Volvo V90 with respect to the S90 is devoted to the trunk, which gains not only in terms of load capacity, 500 litres passes to 560, but also in practicality thanks to a mouth wider and rectangular.

The truth is that the space seems bigger than it really is, that is much everything is said of step, up to 1,526 litres if you folded down the second row of seats, but recognize that other rivals win the battle in this aspect. For example the Mercedes E-Class Estate features a load compartment 110 litres larger. The good thing is that the S90 is still ample space inside. Gives equal in that square you feel, that you’ll loose in all the measures, both for the legs to the shoulders to the head.


The headlights integrated LED technology High-Beam series

subject to these variations mandatory V90 is exactly the same as the Volvo S90 as your interior is concerned. The cabin is full of excellent materials, a great feeling of quality and finishes. No matter the finish you choose, from three, Momentum, Inscription and R-Design, all of them come with this quality that everyone is waiting for the Swedish brand.

To equality of equipment and finish, the Volvo V90 is almost 3,000 euros more expensive than the sedan

Obviously, what differs between them is the amount of technology that is able to present. In all cases Volvo prioritizes the safety of its occupants. has set a lofty goal: zero fatalities in Volvo cars by the year 2020. To achieve this, their latest models have the technology Intellisafe, which takes hold of a large team of cameras and sensors that control everything that happens in the perimeter of the car.

In the rest of the (technological it is worth noting the presence of the headlights LED High BEAM, the dashboard, the digital Head-Up Display, the start button, the climate control of four zones, the screen of the touch console with 8-inch, the cameras of 360 degrees, the Pilot Assist which makes it in a car semi-autonomous and seats with automatic volume control and heating, among many other elements.


The interior is perfectly finished off with excellent materials and settings

For its part, the range of mechanics is formed in exactly the same way as in the case of the sedan. By the time they are three diesels and two gasoline, which soon will add a hybrid variant plug-in with 400 horsepower. The gearboxes can be manual six-speed or automatic six -, and eight relationships. These last few always united to engines of higher range.

once you know the details of the alternative family, it is time to determine how it behaves on the road. The main question arises quickly when a version as well: do you notice the difference of weight compared to the sedan? well, during the presentation I had the opportunity to respond to this question by testing the variant diesel most potent of all, the D5.

Test Volvo V90

Summed up in one word: no. There is No difference in behavior between the S90 and the V90. Both units are, dynamically speaking, the same. But unlike yesterday, where the S90 formed part of the gasoline engine is most powerful of all, the V90 that I have had the opportunity of test riding the a priori will be the option most desired by the customers, the D5 diesel 235 horses. He always will be associated to an automatic eight-speed transmission and a four-wheel drive.


Outwardly their actions do not vary with respect to the vehicle

With all of this, the V90 is just 25 kg heavier than the sedan. A difference that is impossible to notice it at the time to get behind the wheel. If I taparan eyes I would say that I am in the same car, except for the mechanical version of course. It is just as comfortable, quiet, comfortable and luxurious than the S90.

As I was saying, Volvo expects the D5 to be the most requested of all. Honestly, I think that is the one to be purchased, as as you can imagine, with 235 horsepower and 480 Nm of torque we have strength more than enough. We must recognize the merit of the engineers when developing the new range of engines Edrive. Not only stand out for their low fuel consumption and emissions, but also do so on their behavior and performance.

V90 in its variant D5 approvals for a mixed-use officer of 4.9 liters per 100 kilometers. While it is true that these figures are quite optimistic, there are that say that you can get rolling by beneath the six litres with ease. If we take into account everything; weight, dimensions and power, I do not deny that the data is excellent.


560 litres as a minimum, that may be almost 1,600 if you folded down the second row of seats

Leaving to one side the consumption data, and returning to the subject of driving, it’s amazing the good feelings that are given off when get behind the wheel of the V90, and S90 also eye. Volvo is premium, and this name gets noticed in cars like this. All comfort, all luxury. All thought that the driver and the occupants in the most luxurious way that the Swedish brand is able to conceive.

The second row of seats can be folded down using two buttons found in the trunk

Just filters out noise from the outside or of the engine, not even the wheelset with a rim of 20-inch tyre and a narrow profile. The suspension also plays a vital role. I must say that the unit formed part of the air suspension, which always brings that extra comfort and leveling that any suspension and normal, very well set up that is, you get.

Is like a train. You feel as if flotaras. It is an ideal car for those families who travel many kilometres per year. It is a wheeler ex-officio, and each kilometer will pass from form impassive. But eye not only is the highway the terrain you like most about, but also performs excellently on both twisty roads and in urban environments.


Few seats like the V90/S90 comfortable, soft, fluffy and above these cooled and with massage

The dimensions, in spite of being generous, are handled wonderfully. In addition, just in case, are cameras 360 degrees around the car and the sensors that accompany them. Warn of any obstacle in order to avoid troubles. finally it is also worth mentioning that the turning radius is very good. It is not a Smart, but to measure almost five meters long can be put in tight turns or maneuvers in terrain narrow.

In short, both the S90 as the V90 are two gentlemen cars. The V90 provides that extra space that you never have enough for the families. In addition, to personal title, I would say that is more beautiful. I don’t know, I think that lately the rancheras that are coming to market, manage to be more beautiful and stylized than the sedans from which they are born, and this is one of those cases.

Obviously the price is not little. Are at least 47.713 € 62,450 € for the case of D5. That said, it is a lot of money, but also is much car. If we take into account that your rival is positioned at a range of prices are very similar, and cases such as the 5-Series and A6 that are much older, I do not think it is expensive. Yes, if you try it you won’t want to ride in another car. So good are the new S90 and V90.


If you are looking for a great sedan family, you can not let the opportunity pass to take a look at the V90