Presented the new seven-seat Ford Edge for China

ford edge siete plazas 4 Presentado el nuevo Ford Edge de siete plazas para China The Ford Edge is the new global Ford SUV. Also come to Europe to position itself as an alternative larger than the Ford Kuga. In China of course do not have enough with five seats featuring the Edge, so the Blue Oval launched in China a variant of seven seater This SUV. And do not get the extra space prolonging the battle. It was presented at the Guangzhou Motor Show.

Chinese version specification maintains the aesthetics of the model, although lengthen the rear overhang and provides larger and more vertical design of the rear window so as to achieve the greater livability for passengers in the third row as a larger trunk volume. In two folding third-row seats to which is accessed through the second row of seats, leaning forward these seats are won.

ford edge siete plazas 3 Presentado el nuevo Ford Edge de siete plazas para China Ford has been very brief details regarding this new model for China. It will be released in 2015 and in the near future marketing firm unveiled more details. The seven-seat Ford Edge will be manufactured in China by the joint venture between Changan and Ford, sold in its own dealers. Being a model is manufactured in China for the time makes this seven seater model will not be offered in the European market (or others), still reluctant to buy cars “Made in China “.

We know that gasoline Ford Edge offer consists of two EcoBoost engines 2.0 and 2.7 liters, although still unknown data on diesel engines to reach Europe.

Source – Ford


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