Prevents heat stroke in children and pets on board of a car


Although the film does not change from one summer to another, from time to time we receive news of a serious oversight: children, pets, dependents, or elderly who are locked in the passenger compartment of a vehicle and suffer a heat stroke. It can be a simple carelessness (negligence) or gross negligence (to do so deliberately, without giving him importance).

The emergency services are very clear about leaving a child inside a car, even for a minute, if it is not working the air conditioning. No can do, regardless of the time, there is a great risk of heat stroke.

unlike adults, young children are not able to defend themselves from the heat of the way it would an adult. That makes them take a lot less time in the same conditions. what And how much you can endure an adult? let’s Look at an example:

we present to You Tyrann Mathieu, a professional player of american football. It is, therefore, a man with good physical shape, and it is in the flower of youth. In this video made for the protection of animals PETA, we can see how much time it endures within an SUV closed with an outside temperature of 32 ºC (90 ºF). did Not resist or 10 minutes.

At that time the cabin temperature approaches 48 degrees (120°) and Mathieu gets out of the car to feel they can take no more. If you were bound and tied, unable to go out, would have had severe complications shortly after. Now let’s think about the effect that it can cause on a young child. Something similar happens with the pets.

In the case of dogs, as they can’t sweat, exhale hot air through the mouth. This means of natural cooling little can be done in an environment heated up. In a few minutes the animal suffers a heat stroke and can die. Leave the windows partially open greatly relieves the situation, but do not take as a council.


If we come across a vehicle in which is enclosed an animal or a person vulnerable, legally speaking, the only thing we can do is to call the emergency services. Circulates around the hoax that can be to break a window if you have previously done a picture on the basis of article 54 of the Penal Code. No, it does not say that, nor are you it seems. Is a hoax.

The theory says that you have to wait for the return of the owner or person a police officer, agent of civil protection, fireman… common sense may dictate otherwise, but that is relegated to the account and risk of each one. It may be that the owner does not want to be sued for damages if it is saved to a loved one, but can report with all your right.

In any case, you must call the emergency

In contrast, if it is we who have had the oversight, the first thing is to try to cool the victim quickly and call the emergency. The Official College of nurses of Barcelona distributes this infographic with the mode of proceeding:


there is Always the possibility of the neglect: get out of the car and leave it aboard to someone. A very elementary way to avoid that is to leave the electronic key (model-a “hands-free”) in the rear; that way, we were “forced” to look back. Another way would be with a device in proximity or personal alarms that beep when two sensors move away.

common sense is very clear, do not let anyone on board, but it comes to minimize risks

Placing the pet or infant in the back position right (visible in the rear view mirror) also reduces the chance of neglect is fatal. In a few minutes you can die, even in the shade. Nor is it justifiable to leave anyone in a carport, it is a dangerous game of trileros in which it is very easy to lose. Some car alarms will sound immediately if there is someone aboard.

Even in the time it takes to approach a parking meter to extend the ticket and leave it on the dashboard, the time plays against us. If you are traveling with a child or a pet, should be provided for the accessories: child car seat or stroller for children or dependents, animal leash, a muzzle (that allows gasp) or sport rack. The only safe time to leave a living being in a closed vehicle is zero.