Price Audi A1 Active Kit, on sale from the 19.820€

Audi A1 Active Kit

Discover all the prices on the Audi A1 Active Kit.

Introduced in the mid of the month of February, the new Audi A1 Active Kit is already on sale in Spain and although, at that time you will already have all the details on this optional package style, there was a data not yet available. prices. This is because you can take a look at all the prices of Audi A1 Active Kit for our market, a model that starts from the 19.820 € and whose top is located in the 24.140 €.

As we have said, it is an optional package, but that will be applicable to a range of engines is quite varied. This package of style comes to enhance the look more dynamic of the small compact German. And even if some of its details and finishes, can come to denote a character more campero, nor much less will be as well. Despite this, yes that is positioned as a model with a greater presence.

And that is just take a simple look to the outside to find new moldings located below the front bumper and rear. The headlights receive a few shots in aluminium while now, series, the A1 Active Kit Audi snap a few beautiful and elegant 17-inch tires.

Audi A1 Active Kit

The Audi A1 Active Kit offers a wide range of options to configure it to our liking.

it should Be noted that the package Active Kit has been made taking as a base the level of finish Attraction, giving it a twist to improve its endowment of series. To what cited above, we must add the center armrest forward, multifunctional steering wheel, system FIS information to the driver as well as the radio MMI also offers Bluetooth connection.

in Addition, you can also complete the standard equipment that offers the Audi A1 Active Kit opting for other packages because, as you can see, it is compatible even with the package aesthetic S Line. It is one more way to increase the level of settings to customize the small German model. It also remains available in a wide range of optional items of equipment such as the rain sensor and lights or the headlights of xenon plus.

Prices of Audi A1 Active Kit España

Motor Cambio P.V.P.
1.0 TFSI ultra 95 CV Manual 5v 19.820 €
1.0 TFSI ultra 95 CV S Tronic 21.110 €
1.4 TDI 90 HP Manual 5v 20.980 €
1.4 TDI 90 HP S Tronic 22.810 €
1.4 TFSI 125 CV Manual 5v 21.760 €
1.4 TFSI cod 150 CV Manual 6v 23.230 €
1.4 TFSI 125 CV S Tronic 23.590 €
1.4 TFSI cod 150 CV S Tronic 25.060 €
1.6 TDI 116 CV Manual 5v 22.310 €
1.6 TDI 116 CV S Tronic 24.140 €