Price of the BMW i3 battery is 33 kWh: reach the 300 km of autonomy


The new BMW i3 with 300 km of autonomy is already on sale in Spain.

Already mentioned at the beginning of the month of may, and so it has been. The new BMW i3 battery of 33 kWh is already on sale. This is an important improvement, for a cost minimum (as well shall see), is translated in an important increase of the autonomy that, ultimately, is the main determining factor when buying an electric car such as the BMW i3 or any other model of its segment.

As we say, BMW has already put on sale in Spain the two new versions that come to the range of the BMW i3. Thanks to the higher density of the elements of lithium-ion battery allows the BMW i3 (94 Ah) to reach a capacity of 33 kWh, with a battery of the same dimensions as the one that is currently available.

Recall that, to date, the BMW i3 was available in Spain, along with a battery of 22 kWh that offers the driver a range of 130 km in daily use (although, according to the new european driving cycle is 190 km) . A figure that, compared with the new electric cars that are coming to the market, it is too short. It is for this reason that now, with the arrival of the new version with bigger capacity battery, the BMW i3 94 Ah get set a range of 300 kilometers.


The version with a battery of 22 kWh will be available alongside the new until June 2017.

In regard to the electric motor, you must take into account that its performance will remain unchanged. Therefore, the electric motor of 170 HP of the new BMW i3 to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7,3 seconds. On the other hand, sets an average consumption of 12.6 kWh / 100 km according to the cycle NEDC.

versions REX will continue to be available. We refer to the variants “Range Extender” (range extender) that are available for each of the BMW i3 (60, 94 Ah). Let us remember that it is a few variants of a mechanical hybrid that combines the electric block equipped with a gasoline engine of two cylinders with which to maintain the state of charge of the battery constant during the trip and enjoy a range of additional 150 km.

In last place and mode of holder, noting that as a novelty, has also been added to the range of the BMW i3 color “Protonic Blue”. Of time available for the new version.

BMW i3 con batería de 33 kWh

The new battery of the BMW i3 has the same dimensions as the previous one.

Pricing for the BMW i3 España

Versión Batería Precio
BMW i3 60 Ah 22 kWh 35.500 €
BMW i3 REX 60 Ah 22 kWh 39.990 €
BMW i3 94 Ah 33 kWh 36.700 €
BMW i3 REX 94 Ah 33 kWh 41.200 €

The BMW i3 battery of 22 kWh will be available along with
the new model of 33 kWh for the month of June 2017.