Price of the Smart Fortwo Cabrio 2016: from 15,500 euros in Spain


The Smart Fortwo Cabrio 2016 is available in Spain from 15,500 euros

The Smart Fortwo Cabrio 2016 already has price for Spain. The third generation of the convertible small and chic will be available in our market as of February but we already know his range. From 15,500 euros you’ll be able to feel the satisfaction of driving under the open sky and park anywhere in the city.

As we have already indicated, its range starts from 15,500 euros, this means that your cost rises 3,120 needy euros more with respect to the version of access of the Smart Fortwo roof closed. But these figures have trap: the Smart Fortwo Cabrio equipped with series change DCT of six relationships, while the Fortwo is an option. To equality of engine and transmission, the Cabrio is 2.140 euros more caro.

Versión Precio
Smart Fortwo Cabrio 71CV DCT 15.500 €
Smart Fortwo Cabrio Passion 71CV DCT 15.930 €
Smart Fortwo Cabrio Prime 71CV DCT 16.990 €
Smart Fortwo Cabrio Proxy 71CV DCT 17.710 €
Smart Fortwo Cabrio Passion 90HP DCT 16.850 €
Smart Fortwo Cabrio Prime 90HP DCT 18.020 €
Smart Fortwo Cabrio Proxy 90HP DCT 18.725 €


The transmission twinamic dual-clutch is standard on the Cabrio, not being able to equip a manual change, but other than that the range is exactly the same as in the Fortwo. The offer of engines is made up of the blocks, three-cylinder petrol 1.0 71 HP and 0.9 90 HP. Their finishes are four: the standard, Passion, Prime and Proxy, still reserved the engine of greater power for the three finishes above.

At equal mechanical and finish the Cabrio is 2.140 euros more expensive

Uses a practical canvas roof of electric drive with rear window glass Smart called Tritop in allusion to their three positions: closed, half-open as if a sunroof were completely open up the tailgate. Has a thickness of 20 mm, only in need of 12 seconds for its opening competa and can be performed from the external triggering via the key.

The hood is of black color series, but it is worth the possibility of being in red to generate contrast with the body panels, this option costs 170 euros. In addition, allows you to disassemble the ceiling studs manually for a greater sense of freedom.