Prices Toyota C-HR, the anti Qashqai hybrid, which starts at 24.250 €


With its measures, the C-HR rivalizará directly with the Qashqai

In a short time, the segment of compact SUVS has become one of the most important in the european scene. Toyota, after years of preparation, is now launching the conquest of the Nissan Qashqai, the great dominator of the segment. And to achieve it, presents to us the Toyota C-HR for which the price for Spain starts in the 24.250 € .

If we take a look at the offer that we find in the C-segment-SUV we can see that we find a wide variety of models and designs. However, in a world where every day is more surprising, Toyota achieved taking a place own, thanks to a style that will not leave indifferent anyone who will see it.

as for the interior, that we already had the chance of playing in unique, presents us with a structure completely renewed, that borrows elements of their brothers-in-range, but that also showcases new details, like the door panels, the steering wheel, the seats, and the central screen of 8 inches with effect floating.

And that is if there is something that Toyota has made efforts has been to implement a lot of systems in the C-HR. This comes well equipped, even from the lowest of levels. have provided three finishes: Select, Advance, and Dynamic Plus. Although there is a package, of 2.010 euro, which narrows the technology gap between the two highest levels.


The dashboard is like any other Toyota

it is Worth noting the presence of elements of series such as the Toyota Safety Sense, the display of eight-inch system push-button start, daytime running lights LED, among many other elements. In the list of optional, we find interesting details, like the browser as normal and the advanced, whose prices are 600 and 900 euros, respectively.

Prices Toyota C-HR

As we have already said, the starting price is situated in the 24.250€. The prices listed below include a number of promotional discounts. The reservations can be made at the dealers, although the first orders will not be delivered to customers until the beginning of the year viene.

Versión PVP Descuento final Price
Toyota C-HR Active 27.000 € 2.750 € 24.250 €
Toyota C-HR Advance 28.500 € 3.510 € 24.990 €
Toyota C-HR Dynamic Plus 32.500 € 4.000 € 28.500 €


The electrical function is provided to allow for maximum autonomy of slightly more than two kilometers

Not to mention versions mechanical, because as you know, by the time the Toyota C-HR will only be associated to the hybrid version. A version that combines a block of gasoline 1.8-liter with an electric motor. The combined output is 122 horsepower with an automatic change associated with type CVT. Other countries will enjoy the versions gasoline, even though they at the moment are not confirmed for our country.