Prior Design subtraction elegance to the Mercedes S-Class Coupe to make it more radical

there Are many packages and programs settings that are
available on the market for the Mercedes
S-Class Coupe
. The vast majority of them are looking to accentuate those aspects
the most characteristic of the coupé German, without leaving aside one of their traits
characteristic. However, there are preparers who seek to break with the molds
preset by the manufacturers, and a clear example of this is the new
work done by the guys from Prior Design.

Mercedes Clase S Coupé por Prior Design

So it looks like the Mercedes S-Class Coupe with the new package of improvements from the Prior Design.

With the new improvement package by Prior Design for the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, we can remove almost the stroke of a pen the side of more elegant and relaxed. The idea of this program cosmetic adjustments, is to be able to put aside their elegant profile to focus exclusively on his or her personality, the more radical and sport. Let’s say that you have sought to awaken the beast that hides the variant coupé of the Mercedes s Class.

The work on the body is evident and important. The trainer has designed a new body kit in which we find components of carbon fiber and Duraflex. After “dressing” the Mercedes S-Class Coupe with this body kit, will see how your body expands dramatically. Gone are the soft lines and flowing forms to give step elements very marked.

Taking a look at the pictures that accompany this article, you will see that this S-Class Coupé prepared by Prior Design unveils a new bumper, a new lip up front, some side skirts, wheel arches as well as a diffuser rear, and a rear spoiler of large size. Also installed a new exhaust system with four outlets, stainless steel.

Mercedes Clase S Coupé por Prior Design

The new rear spoiler and the four exhaust outlets stainless steel focus our attention.

The final touch of all the cosmetic changes that suffers the coupe German put the new forged wheels 22-inch wrapped in some tires 265/30 (front axle) and 315/25 (rear axle). Optionally we can fit a few wheels 23 inches, respectively.

¿And what’s inside? Prior Design allows a variety of options to customize the cabin of S-Class Coupé. On the drive that we see in images, it has added a new upholstery for the seats, the Alcantara makes act of presence in numerous elements such as the door panels, steering wheel and dashboard. With the contrast stitching in blue color, the name of the preparer has been embroidered both on the seats and doors. Also have added a few mats specific.

This program of settings does not offer any kind of change at the mechanistic level, so we will continue to rely of the benefits offered by the motor that is in series under the hood. Yes, Prior Design has a catalog with different kit of empowerment that can be combined with all of the improvements mentioned above. The package of improvements is already available, although its price has not been revealed.

Mercedes Clase S Coupé por Prior Design

More aggressive and radical, so is the new image of the Mercedes S-Class Coupé prepared by Prior Design.