Prior hours of the 62nd Grand Prix of Macau


The small Administrative Region of Macau becomes the
epicenter of the motor this next weekend
. The best drivers
F3 of Europe, Asia and America come together to compete for the Grand Prize of
Macau. The test takes place at the Circuito da Guia, an urban layout
through the streets of the former Portuguese colony. Between its walls
have crowned some of the best drivers in history
and is cited
bound at the end of the season. In addition, they also are contested races
world Superbike, TCR Int. Series, GT, and some championships cars

The Circuito da Guia is 6 km in length and
spite of their condition of circuit city, for moments features
more typical of a high-speed track. The track is divided into two
distinct parts. The initial section and the end of the track is
marked by long and wide lines in which the count with a
tip speed is high becomes fundamental. On the contrary,
central part of the circuit runs along streets that are very narrow
where the
slightest mistake is paid for with a crash against the barriers.

the debut of the F3 in Macau, the streets of this city have seen to win
riders of the caliber of
Senna, Schumacher, Coulthard or Mortara, the only pilot in the history who managed to win on more than one occasion. Between both name
illustrious, appears that of a Spanish pilot. Dani Juncadella won the GP
Macau in 2011
and despite being seated in the DTM, will look to repeat
win at the Circuit da Guia. Juncadella is the only Spanish rider
present at the Grand Prize of F3, although there is more Spanish in other


And is that the Grand Prix of Macau is not only F3. Despite the complicated characteristics of the Circuit da Guia, also dispute a Grand Prix Motorcycle racing. Competing with saddles type Superbike and though it is highly dangerous, year after year, bringing together a large group of pilots. Kevin Schwantz won on this stage in 1988, although the pilot more successful in this specialty is Michael Rutter. The weekend of competition hosts the renowned FIA GT World Cup, where they give quotes several pilots of the DTM, the Blancpain Series and the World of Resistance.

Until the last edition of the Grand Prix, the last ingredient of this great test was the World Touring car (WTCC). However, this category no longer has to travel to the former Portuguese colony for your appointment the end of the season, so its space was occupied by the TCR International Series. The first season of this new category comes with the title in play at Macao, and both Pepe Oriola as Jordi Gené are options to get win the championship. In addition, Jordi Oriola will also be competing in the urban layout, closing the list of Spanish riders in both the TCR Series as well as in general.

Hours of the 62nd Macau Grand Prix

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Hours Category Session
0:30h Superbike Free Practice
2:35h F3 Free Practice
4:25h TCR International Series Free Practice
5:30h FIA GT World Cup Free Practice
7:20h F3 Classification 1
8:45h Superbike Classification 1

Friday 20 November 2015

Hours Category Session
0:30h Superbike Rank 2
2:35h F3 Free Training
3:40h FIA GT World Cup Free Practice
5:30h TCR International Series Free Practice
7:55h FIA GT World Cup Classification
8:55h F3 Classification

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hours Category Session
0:30h TCR International Series Classification
4:25h Superbike Warm Up
4:25h TCR International Series Free Practice
5:15h FIA GT World Cup Stroke Classification
6:45h F3 Stroke Classification
8:05h Superbike 49th GP Motorcycle championship (Race)

Sunday 22 November 2015

Hours Category Session
3:05h TCR International Series Race 1
4:20h TCR International Series Race 2
5:55h FIA GT World Cup Race
8:30h F3 Grand Prix F3 (Race)