Prior hours of the Rally of Poland 2016


The World Rally comes in one of the periods of greatest speed of the season. In just over a month the pilots of the WRC are faced with the two tests fastest on the calendar, and the first challenge that you have ahead of you is the Rally of Poland. The own incentives of this appointment is in addition in addition to the situation in which it reached the championship. Volkswagen has not won any of the last three tests, while Hyundai has added another two of these three wins. The direct duel between the two marks is served, with the permission of the pilots of Citroen and M-Sport.

72 edits have been contested the Rally of Poland to date, being a test of clear local character to the decade of the 60’s. Since then he has formed part of the regular calendar of the European Rally, while it has been testing a round of the WRC on four occasions. In these four occurrences in the calendar of the World championship victories were divided between Achim Warmbold (1973), Mikko Hirvonen (2009) and S├ębastien Ogier (2014 and 2015). However, in absolute terms, the drivers with the most wins (3) Antonio Zanini, Robert Droogmans and the local Krzysztof Holowczyc and Kajetan Kajetanowicz.

In comparison with 2015, one-third of the sections of the Rally have changed. In this aspect, and after the dispute of the shakedown and the first Super Special Stage of the rally, the stage Friday will be crucial as the pilots will face 121,92 km timed split into two loops of four sections and a Super Special. In general lines are treated sections in open fields, with little vegetation in the ditches and slopes with loose gravel. One of the key points of the day will be the break ‘Swietajno’, although it has fewer trees to your alrededor.


During the day of Saturday, the riders will contest two loops of
stretches asymmetric
three tranches, closing the day with a new Super
Special Stage. The tracks of this day are more narrow, which, together with
to the high grass and the vegetation complicates the riders at the time of
anticipate the set. In this region near Kaliningrad give
step to a final day of competition at the celebrated four sections
with the special ‘Sady’ by the time of Power Stage. In this
case, the special of the last day are included in areas of

In normal conditions, the Rally of Poland does not offer
great difficulties when choosing the tires mounted, being the
of major concern to the pilots in the clouds of dust in suspension, the factor
cleaning of the sections and hence the output position to the sections. Without
however, everything indicates that the rain will be starring in the rally,
removes the key points of the test. In this aspect, to match the
tyres will be key, in the same way that the state of the special with the
step of the car
determine the advantage that can acquire the drivers that
leave in head.


Sections and schedules of the Rally of Poland 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Time Stretch Name Mileage
08:00h Shakedown Lubiewo 3.38 km
19:08h SS1 SSS Mikolajki Arena 1 2.50 km

Friday, July 01, 2016

Time Stretch Name Mileage
07:15h SS2 Chmielewo 1 6.52 km
09:00h SS3 Wieliczki 1 17,30 km
10:10h SS4 Swietajno 1 21,14 km
10:55h SS5 Stare Juchy 1 13,50 km
13:55h SS6 Chmielewo 2 6.52 km
15:40h SS7 Wieliczki 2 17,30 km
16:50h SS8 Swietajno 2 21,14 km
17:35h SS9 Stare Juchy 2 13,50 km
19:28h SS10 SSS Mikolajki Arena 2 2.50 km

Saturday 02 July 2016

Time Stretch Name Mileage
09:55h ss11 state road Goldap 1 14,75 km
11:25h SS12 Stanczyki 1 25,27 km
12:15h SS13 Babki 1 21,02 km
14:50h SS14 Stanczyki 2 25,27 km
15:40h SS15 Babki 2 21,02 km
16:50 SS16 Goldap 2 14,75 km
19:08h SS17 SSS Mikolajki Arena 3 2.50 km

Sunday 03 of July 2016

Time Stretch Name Mileage
08:20h SS18 Baranowo 1 21,25 km
09:08h SS19 Sady 1 8,55 km
10:50h SS20 Baranowo 2 21,25 km
12:08h SS21 Sady 2 8,55 km

* Schedules in Spain. In Portugal 1 hour less.