Prior hours of the Rally of Wales 2015


The Rally of Great Britain is one of the most long-lived of the specialty. Its first edition dates back to the year 1932, and although during the decade of the 40’s and 50’s could not compete, she had already reached 22 editions prior to forming for the first time part of the CKD. With the start of the World Rally in 1973, lto quote british jumped to the WRC and has remained in the calendar of the category until now, except in the season 1996 when he was scoring for the World of 2 Liters. In 2015 we celebrate the 71st edition of this test.

Although the official name is the Wales Rally of Great Britain, commonly is known for Rally of Wales RAC Rally, since the Royal Automobile Club is your organizer since its inception. In any case, it is a test very charismatic by the peculiar sections that have always formed part of their itinerary, both in Cardiff and in the current basis of the test, Deeside. In the era of the WRC, the riders that have added the most wins in Wales are Hannu Mikkola and Petter Solberg, with four wins each.

The Rally of Wales will have a total of 19 special and the riders will face 310,15 kilometres against the clock. The test will start on Thursday for the first time with the dispute of the shakedown, while the ceremonial start will take place that same day in Llandudno. The real racing starts on Friday with the dispute of two loops of three stages. The stretch of ‘Hafren’ will be the longest of the test, so that the pilots will face each other at close range, to the special’s toughest rally, with 32,14 km. The other two sections of the day are ‘Sweet Lamb’, and ‘Myherin’.


Saturday will be the day more complete with 143,32 miles
. The test includes two passes for the ‘Dyfi’ and
‘Gartheiniog’, while the second pass through ‘Dyfnant’ and
‘Aberhirnant’ will be at night time. The last day of competition
it has four sections, with the reappearance of the classic ‘Great Orme’ and with
‘Brenig’ exercising of Power Stage. Of the 19 special there is only one
stretch identical to last year
, but all of the mileage of the test
it has been played in the last two years. In short, there are several
new sections that will add a touch spicy, although without retouch
essence of the test

The Rally of Wales is composed
essentially by forest tracks very fast. The trees are the
edge of the roads so that errors are paid very expensive, though
the stages are more fast than technical. This would be so if it were not
because the sections always have conditions muddy and slippery. The
weather tends to bring rain, snow, fog and ice, which is a
torture for the drivers. Play with the different degrees of adhesion
present in the sections is the key to fast times
in the sections of the Rally of Wales.


Sections and schedules of the Rally of Wales 2015*

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Time Stretch Name Mileage
09:00h Shakedown Clocaenog

Friday, November 13, 2015

Time Stretch Name Mileage
10:27h SS1 Hafren 1 32,14 km
11:10h SS2 Sweet Lamb 1 3,19 km
11:27h SS3 Myherin 1 30,23 km
14:29h SS4 Hafren 2 32,14 km
15:12h SS5 Sweet Lamb 2 3,19 km
15:29h SS6 Myherin 2 30,23 km

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Time Stretch Name Mileage
08:29h SS7 Gartheiniog 1 11,34 km
08:56h SS8 Dyfi 1 25,86 km
10:38h pm SS9 Gartheiniog 2 11,34 km
11:05h SS10 Dyfi 2 25,86 km
12:53h ss11 state road Dyfnant 1 19,02 km
13:51h SS12 Aberhirmant 1 13,91 km
15:31h SS13 Chirk Castle 2,06 km
19:25h SS14 Dyfnant 2 (night) 19,02 km
20:23h SS15 Aberhirmant 2 (night) 13,91 km

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Time Stretch Name Mileage
09:26h SS16 Brenig 1 10,64 km
09:52h SS17 Alwen 10,41 km
11:20h SS18 Great Orme 4,74 km
13:08h SS19 Brenig 2 (Power Stage) 10,64 km

* The times are in the time zone of Spain. In Wales 1 hour less.