Prior schedules and WTCC 2016 at Paul Ricard


New format, sessions, rules, manufacturers, and pilots. The season 2016 WTCC opens its doors at Paul Ricard and it does so with numerous changes, while retaining the essence of competitive that has been part of the DNA of the World’s passenger Cars. The French track will be therefore a witness of the first battles of a championship surely will have noticeable points of interest and in that ‘Pechito’ Lopez starts out as the rival to beat, because of its status as defending champion. However, the first event of the calendar will be marked by a number of developments that we will find inside and outside of the track.

waiting To see what happens in the path of 3.841 meters during the qualifying session or in two renovated racing, it is clear that the first weekend of this ‘new’ WTCC is marked by all of the changes that receives the category. In the first place, because the races will alter their order and now the first sleeve (Inaugural Race) takes place under the grill in reverse, while the second sends (Main Race) passes to be the main session of the weekend. There will also be be attentive to the influence of the new system of weights compensation and supposedly for the MAC3.

In any case and focusing on the sporting aspect, the big favorites to win at Paul Ricard are the two official drivers of Citroën Racing. ‘Pechito’ López and Yvan Muller are the big candidates for the title and please have the Citroën C-Elysée, a vehicle, which a priori is stronger and faster in the championship. However, with 80 kg of ballast, will have to be careful with the performance of the Honda Civic and Lada Vesta. l in front of the first will be Rob Huff, while Gabriele Tarquini is the new tsar of the Russian team.


The big unknown is the level that can develop the Volvo S60
Polestar TC1
. Training Swedish lands in the WTCC with two pilots
warranties as are Fred Ekblom and Thed Björk, although it does not guarantee that
they can be at the height of the opponents in these first tests of the
championship. For now, the goal will be to fight for the points
all time Volvo can’t compete in the MAC3, the only have in
competition two S60. Perhaps the first concern of the team is
overcome the pilots of first level that compete with private computers.

is that at the margin the fight for the victory, for the classification of
builders or by the extra points in the novel MAC3, one of the
unknowns to solve is who composed the list of title contenders in the
WTCC trophy
, known until now as a Trophy in Yokohama
Independent. On the role of Tom Chilton and Mehdi Bennani are the
favorites to compete with the Citroën C-Elysée SLR, but there will be that
follow very close to the performance that it can reach John Filippi and Tom
Colonel, that will seek out in Paul Ricard start to recover of a 2015

Schedule of the WTCC 2016 at Paul Ricard

Day / Time Session Duration
Friday, 01/04 – 12:30pm Testing 30′
Saturday, 02/04 – 08:45 pm Free Practice 1 30′
Saturday, 02/04 – 11:45am Free Practice 2 30′
Saturday, 02/04 – 14:00h Classification (Q1) 20′
Saturday, 02/04 – 14:25h Classification (Q2) 10′
Saturday, 02/04 – 14:40h Classification (Q3) 15′
Saturday, 02/04 – 15:00h MAC3 30′
Sunday 03/04 – 12:15pm inaugural Race 16 laps
Sunday 03/04 – 17:15h Career main 17 laps