Prior schedules and WTCC 2016 in Slovakia Ring


the first race of The WTCC at Paul Ricard left a good
. The progression of the Honda Civic and the ballast of the Citroën
C-Elysée, coupled with the arrival of Volvo, the format MAC3, and the changes of
riders between the different manufacturers, caused the category to stop very
good feelings in the path gaul. Now comes the second assault, since the
WTCC lands on Slovakia Ring
, a circuit that does not have the tradition of
other scenarios, but however it has gained a foothold in the championship
your design. Drivers and teams face the second battle.

Present in the WTCC since 2012, Slovakia Ring has left
great races in which they have found victories Seat, BMW, Chevrolet,
Honda and Citroën
, being the last three for the French manufacturer.
The path has 5.992 meters of length and hides 12 angles, with up to four long straights divided by quick turns of 90
degrees or forks low speed. In fact, the circuit has two sectors
of long straight lines and a central part of the intersecting curves of average
speed to the left and right
. The forks slower are the curves 8 and

despite competing with a C-Elysée was weighted down with 80 pounds, José Maria ‘Pechito’ López did not commit a single error in Paul Ricard, which earned him to exit with 38 points on the French track, as the leader of the fia WTCC. The argentine was one of the great protagonists of the first weekend of competition, any time that slowed the great starter Tiago Monteiro, Rob Huff and Norbert Michelisz, the three official riders of the Honda Racing. Mehdi Bennani emerged as the leader among the Independent drivers in the WTCC Trophy, although his role was remarkable, with two podiums absolute.


The first appointment was a little disappointing for Yvan Muller, Lada and
. In the case of the frenchman, YVan Muller was only able to add 15
points, which places him on 23 units of its partner Citroën in a
fight for the championship that starts the less uneven. By
his part, the Lada Vesta had a role something discreet and although Hugo
Valente and Nicky Catsburg came together two good runs, Gabriele
Tarquini came out of Paul Ricard without points. Finally, Volvo joined their
first seven points with the S60 TC1 Polestar
, although it was not an end of
easy week.

Leaving the first assault on the margin, ‘Pechito’ López is the
rival to beat Slovakia in its condition of leader
, while Slingshot Racing represents the great
alternative to Citroën. Without changes in relation to the burdens of compensation,
the Citroën C-Elysée will drag 80 pounds extra, which you can open
the alternatives to the rest of manufacturers. Something similar happens in the WTCC Trophy
with the leadership of Mehdi Bennani, also at the controls of one of the vehicles
the PSA Group. Without a trace of Nika Racing, the only difference is the presence of
James Thompson by René Münnich
in the computer

Schedule of the WTCC 2016 in Slovakia Ring

Day / Time Session Duration
Friday 15/04 – 12:30pm Testing 30′
Saturday 16/04 – 08:45 pm Free Practice 1 30′
Saturday 16/04 – 11:30am Free Practice 2 30′
Saturday 16/04 – 14:00h Classification (Q1) 20′
Saturday 16/04 – 14:25h Classification (Q2) 10′
Saturday 16/04 – 14:40h Classification (Q3) 15′
Saturday 16/04 – 15:00h MAC3 30′
Sunday 17/04 – 12:10am inaugural Race 11 laps
Sunday 17/04 – 14:15pm Career main 12 laps