Prior schedules and WTCC 2017 at the Hungaroring


The World Touring car faces his third appointment of the season in
. The twisty path Hungarian has become its own right in
one of the most appreciated by riders, not by the own
demands of the plot, but by the enormous heat that it transmits the local public.
The presence of local pilots as Norbert Michelisz or more recently
Daniel Nagy is the perfect excuse to go in mass to the path located in
Budapest. In addition, this year the visit of the fia WTCC Hungary has a
incentive extra, as it is the first event in which appear the weights of compensation.

Hungary is a path demanding and this has been evident in
the six occasions on which the WTCC has raced at this track. along
its 4.381 meters hide 14 curves
. The braking of the curves 1 and 12 are the
more demanding for the brakes, while in the central sector, and the margin of
its only chicane, there are several angles linked in that it is difficult to
find the balance of the car. In spite of this fact, is not a path that
offers great overtaking opportunities
by its narrowness and by the
concatenation of curves that form.

Norbert Michelisz is the only Honda rider that has managed to win at the Hungaroring to the delight of his audience. However, the japanese manufacturer comes as a favorite to Hungary, at least according to what is seen in Monza and Marrakech. In this aspect, Tiago Monteiro is the leader of the WTCC with 85 points, for the 70 sum Thed Björk after his victory in the main race of Monza. The path of Italian made clear the great step forward that has taken Honda on a track that was not favorable to their interests. All in all, the Volvo S60 has also left very good sensations.


Thed Björk, Nicky Catsburg and Nestor Girolami will try to stop the drive
initial of Honda
in a path, which however has been territory
Citroën in recent years. In this aspect, all eyes fall
in Rob Huff -double podium in Monza – and Mehdi Bennani, every time that the
pilot moroccan already managed to win in the opening race of the past
season. With that, Tom Chilton has also shown a good level,
so that the three Citroën C-Elysée can be a real threat to
the two manufacturers of the contest and more if you look at the weights

No change of pilots in the grid World, the
application of the first ballasts are without doubt the biggest novelty
face to
The Hungaroring. The results of the first two tests of the fia WTCC have caused
the Volvo S60 and Honda Civic to get the most ballast possible and both cars
take up to 80 kilograms of additional ballast to reach the 1,180 pounds of
weight. For his part, the Citroën C-Elysée remains in 1.160 kilos with 60 pounds of
weights of compensation, while the Chevrolet RML Cruze and Lada Vesta is
keep in your standard weight of 1,100 kg.

Schedule of the WTCC 2017 at the Hungaroring

Day / Time Session Duration
Saturday 13/05 – 09:00 pm Free Practice 1 45′
Saturday 13/05 – 11:30am Free Practice 2 45′
Saturday 13/05 – 14:00h Classification (Q1) 30′
Saturday 13/05 – 14:25h Classification (Q2) 15′
Saturday 13/05 – 14:40h Classification (Q3) 15′
Saturday 14/05 – 15:00h MAC3 30′
Sunday 14/05 – 12:35h inaugural Race 12 laps
Sunday 14/05 – 13:45h Career main 15 laps