Prior schedules and WTCC 2017 in Monza


Monza is back. The ‘temple of speed’ opened its
doors to the WTCC for the first time since 2013 to host the second round of the
World Touring car. Far is the double victory that got Yvan Muller
then and now other references. Tiago Monteiro and Honda
will defend the lideratos treasure
in the drivers ‘ classification and
manufacturers in a terrain that is not conducive to the Honda Civic WTCC. The configuration
three bodies of the Volvo S60, Lada Vesta, Chevrolet
Cruze and Citroen C-Elysee will favor the rest of the grid, despite the absence of
ballasts compensation

However, talking of Monza is to do speed
pure state
. Along its 5.793 meters barely there are 11 curves, being its
long straights its differential factor. In this aspect, expected speeds
around 200 km/h
and turns that will exceed 180 km/h on average. This
implies that the aerodynamics of the vehicles of the three bodies can make
differences with respect to the configuration hatchback the Honda Civic. brakes
will also be a delicate point
. In fact, in Marrakech several teams
suffered in this aspect, although it is true that in Monza expected
cooler temperatures
, with possible showers.

Surely Tiago Monteiro and the rest of the riders of Honda
would not be upset if in the end the rain ends by appear. Despite
the good results obtained by Monteiro and Norbert Michelisz in Marrakech, in
within the team know that in normal conditions, the Civic will suffer in this
. On the opposite side of the coin, and after the podiums of Thed Björk and
Néstor Girolami in Marrakech, in Volvo are serious candidates to join the first
victory of the season. The Volvo S60 has always proven to be a car
fast in terms of top speed


all in all, Rob Huff have already made clear in the preseason that the Citroën C-Elysée can win in Monza. The british driver was the fastest of the test of the WTCC in this track, which forces them to put in the equation of favorites to the private pilots who compete with the car TC1 of the French manufacturer, or what is the same, Rob Huff, Mehdi Bennani -party in Marrakech – and Tom Chilton. Despite all this, Esteban Guerrieri and Tom Coronel with the Chevrolet RML Cruze have choices in this track to be among the first. The argentine won the opening race in Morocco.

Without ballasts and compensation no changes between the teams enrolled, it should be noted that as planned, the grill of the WTCC grows from fifteen to sixteen cars TC1. The differential factor comes in with the presence of the second Lada Vesta from the French team RC Motorsport. If in Marrakech, the team competed only with a car driven by the debutant Yann Ehrlacher, in Monza, the training will have a second rookie. this Is Kevin Gleason, american pilot who goes from the TCR Series to the World. It will be the first time that a pilot of this nationality drive a TC1 in the World.

Schedule of the WTCC 2017 in Marrakech

Day / Time Session Duration
Saturday 29/04 – 09:00 pm Free Practice 1 45′
Saturday 29/04 – 12:00 pm Free Practice 2 45′
Saturday 29/04 – 14:15pm Classification (Q1) 30′
Saturday 29/04 – 14:40h Classification (Q2) 15′
Saturday 29/04 – 15:00h Classification (Q3) 15′
Saturday 29/04 – 15:25h MAC3 30′
Sunday 30/04 – 12:15pm inaugural Race 9 laps
Sunday, 30/04 – 14:15pm Career main 11 laps