Problems view: the SEAT Ateca eliminates the engine 2.0 TDI without prior notice

If you have bought a SEAT Ateca with engine 2.0 TDI or intend to get one, we have very bad news. From just a few days ago SEAT has temporarily suspended the marketing of the version SEAT Ateca 2.0 TDI 150 CV in the specification of traction 4×2. The withdrawal of this variant, one of the most successful of the range Ateca, been sitting like a bucket of cold water, especially due to the lack of official communication on the part of the SEAT on the causes of withdrawal and the consequences to customers who have already asked for that particular model.


The alarms were jumping in just 3 days by tweets sent by customers to the official account of SEAT Spain (@tuSEAT). The explanations in relation to the lack of a date of delivery for models purchased sound quite strange, not finding an official response on the part of the brand. During the exchange of messages is said to two possibilities to explain the withdrawal of the SEAT Ateca 2.0 TDI 150 CV 4×2: on the one hand to the inability to meet the demand of the model, and on the other side to a possible problem with the approval of the motorization although they did not have to do with the scandal of emissions which affects the diesel engines EA 189.

The problem is that to date there is no official statement to calm the stir provoked, something that in this kind of matters is usually vital to avoid controversial interpretations and undue. The confusion today is not anything good for a model that has just been launched in the market as it is the case of the SEAT Ateca, especially when still plans on the Volkswagen Group the case of diesel engines souped-up.

@tuSEAT the ateca 2.0 150cv not manufactured?? What we have booked and no one has notified us of anything!!We learned x twitter!

— MONICA COLL (@monikbcn84) September 5, 2016

@monikbcn84 Our goal is that the customers that have already placed the order for this version not to be affected by delays (1/2)

— SEAT Spain (@tuSEAT) September 9, 2016

If we heed the latest information obtained by means such as Km77, from the department of communications of SEAT, Spain is informed of a temporary withdrawal of the impeller 2.0 TDI of 150 HP in version 4×2 due to production problems. The SEAT Ateca is being manufactured in the plant of Skoda in the Czech Republic, and everything indicates that they are not getting the rate of production expected. According to SEAT, we will do everything possible to meet the customers with a firm order, but does not provide more information.

seat-ateca-2016-fotos-48Even so, SEAT it faces a real problem with the lack of information and absence of an official statement specifying the possible delays that will suffer the customers that have already purchased this model, true causes of withdrawal and the period that will last for the elimination of this variant of the range SEAT Ateca.