Prodromou: “The car that more has impressed me has been the Mercedes”


Formula 1 is about to start your preseason
Barcelona, but the last week has been a hive of presentations.
Williams, Sauber, Renault, Force India, Mercedes, Ferrari and finally McLaren
they have presented their respective cars, which no doubt allows it to be made a
idea of the keys that define the design of the cars under the new regulation
technical of 2017. In the absence of knowing the cars of Toro Rosso, Red Bull and
Haas F1, Peter Prodromou, Ingieniero Head of McLaren, points to the Mercedes W08 as
the car’s most prominent

In this aspect, Peter Prodromou acknowledged in a statement to ‘Autosport’ that the Mercedes W08 is the single most prominent, as the brand has done a lot of emphasis on the new aerodynamics: The car I have been most impressed up to now it is the Mercedes. They have put a huge amount of hours of work in that car. It is the one that stands out for the moment”. In fact, the single-seater German is one of those that has included the ‘T-Wing’, a solution that is already on the radar of McLaren: “In general terms, we have not seen anything that appears to be a great revolution. One of the points a bit dubious of the regulation has allowed the emergence of the ‘T-Wings’. It is something that we are seeing”.

Matt Goss, Chief Technical officer of McLaren, in any way recalls the words of Prodromou: “If we look at the body from the cockpit to the rear wheel, we are faced with something that is called rule ‘R75’ and that restricts the amount of winglets is that you can put in the car. All in all, between the front wheels and the entrance to the ‘sidepod’, there is a lot of work in the ‘bargeboard’. will Be solutions very diverse. Of the cars that have been presented, there are two or three of them, including us, that have a lot of details in that area


all in all, if there is any thing clear in all the teams, is that this has not done more to start and that the changes are going to be massive, as explained by the own Goss: We are on a learning curve quite steep, especially as they arise other things. We have flown blind all, without testing on the track, so that when we bring the car to the track we will learn about the way in which the car and the aerodynamics behave and there will be changes. When all the cars look on the track, we will be able to learn other things. All the world will be a steep learning curve during a time”.

despite this, and leaving aerodynamics aside, everything indicates that Mercedes will be in a position of privilege in terms of power. In fact, everything indicates that the power unit of Mercedes about 1,000 CV despite the efforts that have been undertaken to improve the reliability, as explained by Andy Cowell during the presentation of the Mercedes W08. The designer of the Mercedes engine explained that after the failures experienced during the last season, the team has changed its procedures and there have been different evolutions.

“following the engine failure for Hamilton in Malaysia there are about six design changes within the engine to improve the bearing system” claimed Andy Cowell at the premiere of the new ‘date of silver’ at Silverstone. “have Also been applied three or four improvements in the way in which the power unit is assembled and is maintained throughout its life. we are increasingly close to 1,000 horses, but I’m not going to say exactly where we are. Winning races is not only a ‘derby-of-power’, for us the important thing is to optimize each system for the car to be the fastest to win races”.