Production of record for the Mercedes G-Class: manufactured the unit 300.000

Mercedes Clase G - unidad 300.000

Drive to 300,000 Mercedes s Class G.

non-combustible, timeless, spartan, rough… Mercedes G Class is unmistakable. A off-road, oblivious to the passage of time, has managed to captivate the public in numerous markets. Exclusive to the few and powerful, the G-Class has achieved numerous successes since we came to the market in the year 1979. Today Mercedes-Benz has announced a new achievement that we must add to this long list of triumphs achieved.

production of the Mercedes G-Class has already surpassed the barrier of 300,000 units. The unit number to 300,000 have left the assembly line in the factory of Magna Steyr in Graz, a town in austria located about 200 kilometers Vienna. Magna Steyr has been responsible for the manufacture of off-road German from the year 1979.

The model that can boast of having the honor of being the 300.000 is a Mercedes G 500 with an exterior color Designo Mauritius Blue with metallic finish and alloy wheels of 16 inches in a black color enclosed by a tire for all terrains thanks to the package, Off-Road with which it is equipped. If we could take a look at its interior, you will find leather in black with stitching in white to create a very interesting contrast.

Mercedes Clase G - unidad 300.000

The Mercedes G-Class is produced by Magna Steyr factory in Graz (Austria) since 1979.

During the next few months and mode of action of marketing, Mercedes-Benz will be showing different content on their profiles of social networks associated with the G-Class number to 300,000. If you want to follow the wanderings of this drive so special, you can do this by using the hastag #Gventure300K. Especially on the official page of Facebook of the brand of the star.

The sales of the Mercedes G-Class have been growing steadily since the year 2009. Thanks to the increased demand, during the past year 2016, sales of the G-Class has set a new record in the history of the model with nearly 20,000 units sold in twelve months. Since 2012, the year after year the German model has been improving its enrollment annually.

Currently Mercedes is working on the development of the new generation G-Class. A model that will keep its distinctive design and appearance, but in your gut you will receive a great evolution. It will be a more efficient model, technological, and so advanced level of safety as well as connectivity and comfort. It will be presented sometime in the next year 2018.