Progress on new Infiniti Q70

Infiniti prize signature Nissan introduced Motor Paris (held in October) its new luxury sedan, the Infiniti Q70 Nissan with a new design and new engines.

Avance sobre el nuevo Infiniti Q70 de Nissan

The Japanese firm introduces a new design language that maintains the same serious and elegant features of the brand, but combined in a way vanguard . Remember the last part Infiniti Q50 with the obvious difference sizes and will be on sale in Europe later this year.

How Infiniti Q70 2015

Read what Infiniti Q70 2015 must consider the following important points:

-In terms of aesthetics, looks new bumpers, a large grill in a double bow, 18-inch tires, standard LED technology and a thorough redesign in its elongated headlights, including

. – Inside, mentions soundproofing since it has worked extensively on domestic soundproofing against wind noise and facing -vibraciones engine noise. There has also been increased driving comfort thanks to renewed hang schemes .

-In the European market, Infiniti Q70 2015 come with four-cylinder diesel engine and 2.2 liter with turbocompensador variable geometry and with power and torque figures of 167 hp and maximum power and 400 Nm. Also, the catalog will be conducted by a hybrid variant (Direct Response Technology) is working hand in hand with a 3.5-liter V6 A electric motor and automatic double clutch.

His technological developments lead us to mark an camera vision , which is a device that controls everything that happens around your car through various sensors, cameras and laser technology and to monitor blind spots in situations with closed traffic or parking the vehicle maneuvering. Further highlighting its connection system compatible with smartphones from several manufacturers.

The strongest point of the Infiniti Q70 2015 will focus on your inner segment, and with the possible submission of its next compact model Q30.

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