Project Cobra brings us to the brakes of the future


union of four partners was born Project Cobra, which brings together researchers from the companies Brembo, Italcementi, Institute Mario Negri and Ciaotech, which will each contribute their bit in the development of new materials for the brakes of the car.

Three of these co-workers will be accommodated at the science park technology Kilometro Rosso, where these companies are dedicated to products that have nothing in common will demonstrate that they can achieve a product in set.

To put a little bit in a situation, the brake current is composed by the calipers, discs and brake pads. The pills are designed to withstand the force of braking, and the high temperature generated by it, and is composed of phenolic resins thermoset and other components.


The Project cobra aims to retire these components and develop new brake pads innovative, that exceed in all senses the current which the base will not be another cement.

The researchers argue that a system combined with the new technologies and new materials, ordnance, hides a great potential it is for this reason that there is already a prototype which is investigating the use of a composite material by a mixture of aqueous base and cement as the main element.

This material may reducing energy consumption boasting a 90% during production of the base materials. It is also expected to reduce the environmental impact.

The Project has just begun, keep you busy to 41 researchers during the following 4 years, and is subsidized by the European Community with an amount of 1.48 million euros.