ProPilot: these are the first steps in Nissan to driving autonomous

Nissan introduces a new generation of Nissan Serena, a mpv no, we will not see in Europe but that comes with an important novelty: ProPilot, the system of driving autonomous Nissan. Ok, the Nissan Serena will not be in charge of bringing this technology to Europe, to Spain, but as you can imagine, sooner or later, we will see this system in other models of global scope, but… what exactly is that on the ProPilot?How advanced is the driving autonomous that we proposed to Nissan?

For now this system is adapted to the traffic conditions of Japan, reminding us of a moderate approach to the concept of driving autonomous

This system is the first step from Nissan to the driving autonomous reminding us a technology designed for fast roads of a lane, and acts on the steering, the accelerator and brake, activating its functions with a button on the steering wheel.

This technology is based on the information acquired by a camera and image processing software which recognises other vehicles and lines on the road.

With this information, the Nissan Serena is able to stay in the center of the lines of the road, both in a straight line as in curve and being able to completely halt the car, after which the driver will need to re-activate the system.

By now we can understand this system as a first approach to the driving, autonomous, bashful, with basic functions and the environment in a very concrete and favorable, but this has not done more to start, and Nissan promises us that in the next few years will be adding features and autonomous capacity in other areas and circumstances.