Propose that the refueling return to Formula 1 in 2017


The Strategic Group Formula 1 proposed release the choice compound tire from 2016 and return replenishment fuel from 2017.


Formula 1-repostaje T very seems to indicate that the current reigning scheme in Formula 1 has an expiration date, or at least some of its key points like refueling and the election of tire compound .

The Strategic Group Formula 1 aims to improve the current show and those are the two measures will be considered the simplest to implement. The first to come into effect will be the possibility free choice of tire compound without the need for the Pirelli who the supplier is selected. This measure would be effective from next season.

If approved in 2017 may refuel during the race.

The second of the measures proposed is the possibility to refuel the cars fuel during the race , while retaining the current limit of 100 kilograms but without clarifying whether the equipment is released election how much fuel load.

The proposals are also a number of other measures which yet Group Strategic has not dwelt, as the possibility of using wider tires, aerodynamic and aesthetic changes and modifications, the plant among others.

Now you just have to hope that these two proposals pass through the filter Commission Formula 1 and World Motor Sport Council so that they can be implemented, for which will have to await the next Council meeting to be held in Mexico in July.





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