Pros and cons of the new regulation according to Fernando Alonso


Fernando Alonso has issued its verdict initial about what the new regulation has brought to Formula 1, something that can determine in a definitive manner, their decision to remain in the category or abandon it to the end of the season in search of challenges that are more exciting.

And what is true is that there is a little bit of everything, as the Spanish rider believes that the new tyres allow you to squeeze the car much more than the previous, as this year they are more resistant to degradation and overheating. “I Think in terms of squeezing out the car and be able to develop your style of driving, yes, I think that you can do a bit more than with the earlier cars. In the past year, sometimes, the slower you drove, the better lap time you could do because conservabas the tires and you could maximize the pace. But this year it seems that we can tighten the car a bit more and use the driving style to improve the lap time”, said Alonso, who has been very critical of Pirelli and the cars of the past by having to drive always aware of the tires and the fuel consumption.


“you Need to have a quantity of enormous power with this level of drag and downforce

But, on the other hand, Fernando Alonso argues that the philosophy of these new cars, that allows you to shoot much faster, on the other hand subtracts influence on the rider to achieve a lap time competitive. Or put another way, it eliminates the ability to compensate for the lack of power of the engine. “I Think that with the technology we have now, with the aerodynamic package and the thruster units of current, the pilot is even less important. You need to have a quantity of enormous power with this level of drag and downforce, good accumulation and deployment of power, because the straights are a little longer now”. Alonso believes that having less speed in a straight and more curved, there are less points at which to shoot at the limit of adhesion and, therefore, make the difference. “Some curves will disappear, other will be to fund. If you have 20 horses less, last year and losing two or three tenths, while this year you might be losing half a second. I think that the importance of some of the technical aspects of the car is even greater this year, so that the pilot can do a lot to a certain point, you won’t be able to do miracles”, sentenced the pilot of McLaren-Honda, which has had a start of pre-season very stormy.