Prost criticises the new classification and Montezemolo the mentality of Ecclestone


Alain Prost with four world titles in Formula 1 under his belt and current Ambassador of Renault, joins the critical voices with the new qualifying format that shall be implemented from the first Grand Prix of the season, to be held in Melbourne.

The first thing that is of concern to Prost is the way it has been managed this issue and many others in recent times, warning of the short notice before the problems that may arise as a result of the decision making. “In this case I agree with Bernie , it sometimes takes someone to say ‘Look what you’re doing! Do meeting after meeting and nothing is moving’”. The classification is a good example: take a decision to find out later that you can’t implement immediately”.

The teams agreed on the 23rd of February a new qualifying format, but four days later, Bernie Ecclestone said that it would be impossible to to use it before the Grand Prix of Spain, due to incompatibility with the current software.

Prost recognizes that not having never used this format does not have a precise idea of how it will be, but waiting for “not carried out” its implementation. To the legendary French pilot, “gives the feeling that the whole world is looking to change something in the
F1, but if you only do changes in one area,
has very little impact on the
”, showing so very much against the multiple attempts to modify the current Formula 1 in the face of growing criticism in relation to his essence, and the spectacle it offers.

Show that, in the opinion of Prost, it is not as bad as you are saying from the press, the fans and even the actors themselves. The Formula 1 as a product is not so bad, even though people complain constantly of the domain of Mercedes. But what has not always been the case in F1?”, remember that was the owner of his own team between 1997 and 2001.

instead, Luca di Montezemolo yes, I think that the Formula 1 has a
serious problem with the show and says that “you need a change
of mentality”
, placing the spotlight on the very
Ecclestone. “I say this with the greatest respect for Bernie Ecclestone,
put that in the Formula 1 did a fantastic job. But not
it would be reasonable to require a man of his age a complete change of
, claiming perhaps that the current holder of the
rights of the Formula 1 should be disposed to a side 84 years.