Proton would be looking for new partners to share technologies

ProtonThe car manufacturer malaysian Proton has jumped into the present, these days by the search that has been undertaken to find partners that will allow it to remain competitive in the automotive sector. Proton is a brand that is relatively small for the size and power of some industrial groups of the sector. For this reason, and knowing that alone will not be able to be much more time has decided to initiate the conversations necessary to find a technological partner to the height.

Currently, Proton is part of the industrial group malay DRB-Hicom. This group has interests in different sectors and businesses so that your economic capacity is secured. However, the portfolio of your brand of cars is rather scarce and until recently was used exclusively technology derived from Mitsubishi. This coupled with a few sales rather few have made the investment in Proton is reduced to the minimum.

Protonhowever the group DRB-Hicom wants to change the fate of Proton, and are therefore willing to search for a technology partner, which is at the height of their plans. To do this they would have sent letters to several industry groups among which would be the French PSA (Peugeot – Citroën) and Renault and the japanese Suzuki Motors. These letters have already been received at the respective headquarters of each group, but still none declarations have been made about it.

in Addition, as part of this technology agreement, we could consider the sale or transfer of a portion of its shares towards your partner. In this way, the union would have more strength and would ensure that Proton a living technological stable in time. Another of the aspects that would mention them in this possibility of agreement would be that your partner could to use the two factories that the brand has in your country and that currently are under utilized. In this way it may go into the eastern market with greater guarantees as well as produce models that consider opportune at a lower cost.

To end, another possibilities that would be groping DRB-Hicom would be to sell a part of its participation in the English Lotus Cars. This action will allow you to obtain money faster and be able to invest in Proton directly. However this option is in the air as the Lotus has a higher value and you could lose control of the firm would weaken in the face of some strategic move with its competition.

Be be aware of who is pronounced about this possible agreement, and who is just leading to Proton to water.

Source – Proton