Protonic Frozen Black Edition and Protonic Frozen Yellow Edition for the BMW i8

BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Edition

BMW i8 came to the market in 2014 as a model completely revolutionary, perhaps anticipating the future of the sports models. A design very futuristic exterior and interior, a car body extremely well cared for channeling the air in the best possible way and a hybrid drive system are its main strengths.

In the sports cars often have a great acceptance and demand in the early stages of its commercial life, even if it subsequently goes down a little bit. One of the things that the more you are critical of the BMW i8 was the a variety of colors for the body, something that the brand has been improving on the basis of issues like the ones we see in the images. Now you add two more, the BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Black Edition, and the BMW i8 Protonic Yellow Black Edition.

Protonic Fronzen Black will be presented and displayed to the public in the next Geneva motor show, in the month of march, while we’ll have to wait to the end of the year to see live Protonic Fronzen Yellow. As we see, the main exterior differences that you get are the tone of the body.

BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Edition

Sure you have seen countless images or any other unit in person the BMW i8 in white color; well, the white color is replaced by black on the Protonic Fronzen Black Edition and the yellow color in the Protonic Frozen Yellow Edition. In addition, the details of blue that we saw in those units disappear and the tires also change your design.

On the inside will appear combinations of colors with shades of gray and black plus some stitching in yellow, although there seems to be something extremely eye-catching as we might think. The belts, which in conventional versions of the BMW i8 come in the color blue in this case will be gray in color.

mechanically will continue to maintain the hybrid drive system composed by an engine 1.5-liter gasoline that develops 231 HP and an electric motor that delivers 131 HP. The benefits of joint are a power of 362 HP and torque of 570 Nm, all this with an average consumption approved of of 2.1 liters per 100.

BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Edition

BMW i8
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