PSA and Toyota presented the new Traveller, Spacetourer and New ProAce

The alliance between Toyota and PSA gave birth to the new Toyota New ProAce, Peugeot Traveller and Citroën Spacetourer, which will have its official debut at the upcoming Geneva motor show.

Peugeot-TravellerPproduct in the collaboration between PSA and Toyota have emerged with three new models, which today have been presented through its first official images. This is the new Toyota New ProAce, Peugeot Traveller and Citroën Spacetourer, three products that will hit the market during the early part of next year, as a complement to the current Toyota ProAce Peugeot Expert and Citroën Jumpy.

The products of the three brands does not replace the previous models, but will co-exist with those as an option more sophisticated. In all the cases will be offered in versions Combi intended to use family and Shuttle, that eternal intended for corporate use. To differentiate yourself from the ProAce, Expert, and Jumpy, will have an exterior and interior design but moved away from the format of a work vehicle and but close to that of a minivan.

despite the limited information, this new approach can be seen in the photographs, which allow you to observe their body lines more delicate, and decidedly more attractive. Level estilisitco the differences between the models of the three brands is almost non-existent, beyond the front that is specific to each one. But to the side and in the posterior sector, the stamping of the car body is exactly the same, replacing only the badges and even using alloy wheels format is nearly identical.

What is hidden under the hood is still a mystery, but it is conceivable that they will use the thrusters of the family BlueHDI that seem ideal for a vehicle of this nature. You do not know anything about your equipment, which will have to wait for his debut that will take place in the next Geneva motor show.Citroen-Spacetourer