PSA bet again by Vigo, new model for 2020

Factory and port of Vigo

Carlos Tavares, the head of the PSA Group, has been in Spain, and has made some interesting statements. The two factories of PSA will receive a joint investment of 700 million, of which 640 will be at Balaídos (Vigo) and the 60 remaining in Villaverde (Madrid).

Vigo has received the award of a new model that will occur from 2020 to 2026 (as a minimum), of which we only know that it will be a tourism and that will be at the heart of the range. We do not know, therefore, whether it will be brand Citroën, Peugeot, both, or even of DS.

right Now PSA provides jobs (direct) at 8,000 Spanish

The investment will allow Vigo to reach its maximum production capacity, up to half a million vehicles per year, a huge volume for the whole of the Spanish industry. Let us remember that Spain is the second european producer of automobiles, and the eighth globally.

The models beloved of Vigo are the vans, compact Berlingo and Partner

Vigo today

The plant currently produces the Citroën C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso, based on the modular platform EMP2. In addition, there are other duos to consider, the of the vans Berlingo and Partner (that are producing 20 years there) and two sedans on economic, C-Elysee and 301. This last model is not sold in our country, it is exclusively for export.

In 2015 were made to 1,800 units per day on average

According to the official data, in 2015 Vigo produced 407.000 cars and vans full, 7% more than in 2014. The 71% was to the EU, 13% to the eu countries, 8% to Africa, 3% to Asia, and for the rest of the countries, 5%. In addition, we have to consider the kits, unarmed, to be completed in other countries (CKD), 19.300 units, 3.5% more than in the year 2014.

More than half of the production corresponds to the vans, Berlingo and Partner, 55% of the production. In second place we have the minivans C4 Picasso, which account for 30%, and the rest are sedans C-Elysee and 301.

The vast majority of models manufactured in Vigo have a destination abroad

it Is speculated that the new model could be a compact SUV, something quite reasonable if we consider the current situation. The Citroën C4 Aircross and Peugeot 4008 are, in reality, Mitsubishi ASX, and are produced in Japan. Spain have already made several SUVS, including the Ford Kuga, Audi Q3, Renault Kadjar and Opel Mokka.

what if it is a compact model normal? Traditionally, these models are taking place in France, and that applies to the Citroën C4, the Peugeot 308 and the DS 4. For the moment, we can assume that it will remain so, and that Vigo will be allocated to the production of an SUV. Not to dismiss that it is a B-segment car, either tourism or pure crossover.

The 640 million euros has as objective to implement a modular platform in Vigo, so it is reasonable that the new model will be manufactured with others who have a platform akin. At the economic level is the most optimal, since the common platforms involve processes of production is also common, and many shared components.

Renault did the same

At the beginning of may, his main competitor French announced their third industrial plan, after having reached an agreement with the trade unions. Renault will invest in Spain more than 600 million euros with the same horizon, 2020.

The plant of Valladolid, which currently produces the Capture and the Twizy, will have a new model, which we also don’t know much of anything. The plant pucelana of motors will have another custom, the family of engines, K9, and the plant, seville transmissions will produce the new box TX30. This plan involves the signing of a 2,000 permanent contracts, many of which are conversions from temporary to fixed.

once more, the large groups of automobile opt for Spain. While several european countries have had to close factories, in Spain the opposite is the case, the existing ones are receiving more and more jobs. Since the start of the crisis have only closed two plants, in Europe have closed over a hundred.