PSA could have finalised the deal to buy Opel, according to the latest reports


Headquarters of the French group.

According to the latest reports from Reuters and Automotive News, the agreement between the PSA Group and General Motors by the division GM Europe would already be closed and the official announcement is planned for Monday, march 6, at the first time. According to sources close to both companies, the sale of Opel and Vauxhall by PSA is already a fact, and the purchase agreement is not only closed, but the board of PSA would have already given the nod to the agreement.

For the time being, both companies have refused to make any statement, but the latest reports suggest that this Monday we will know all the details. Precisely for the same Monday at 9:45 in the morning have been summoned to a meeting of all the employees of Opel in Ruesselsheim, in the facilities of the German mark.

it Is believed that this meeting will be communicated officially to the employees the acquisition of the brand on the part of PSA.


Factory Vauxhall in Ellesmore Port, United Kingdom.

By the time do not know the details of the agreement, neither economic nor logistical, but more than likely, the departments of public relations and marketing of both companies are or have been very busy of face at the time of the official announcement.

As we have already said on several occasions, the possible merger between PSA Peugeot Citro├źn and Opel/Vauxhall could draw a new map in the business sector in Europe, and not only because the resulting company will automatically be converted to the second-largest corporation automotive industries of the old continent.

At this time, we have more questions than answers, which we look forward to hear at the time of the official announcement of the agreement. That Opel and Vauxhall out of the fabric of GM will involve numerous agreements that will keep posteirori, as well as the models of other brands that, in theory, is going to manufacture Opel in Europe, like the Holden Badge, or, on the contrary, as the alternative Model of the Chevrolet Bolt, the Ampera-e, which is manufactured in the united States.


The facilities of Opel in Ruesselsheim.

also, that GM lost its position in Europe could mean the return of other brands of the group to the old continent, like Chevrolet or Daewoo. We understand that all these fringes have been treated with great care by both companies, or should be, so we just need to wait a few more days to know more details of this new stage of the German mark.