PSA has increased in 2016 its Spanish production in a 2,6%

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The Group PSA (Peugeot, Citroën and DS) in Spain one of your poles most important production in the world. In our country feature two factories located in Vigo (Galicia) and Villaverde (Madrid). Produce multiple models of the group, and some are so important that they are Made In Spain exclusively as the Citroën C4 and Grand C4 Picasso, C4 Cactus, Berlingo, C-Elysée and Peugeot Partner and 301.

in Addition to, not only do they have a factory in Spain, in our neighbor Portugal also have a plant in the city of Mangualde. Between all of them during the present year 2016 have managed to make a few of 550,000 units, representing a 2.6 per cent more than in the year 2015. These numbers reinforce the position that have factories iberian group gallo in addition to disclosed as quality centers where efficiency is a key factor.

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If we look at each production centre, of individual things in general have gone well for the three. In the center PSA Vigo have been made throughout the year 424.000 units which represents a 4 per cent more than in 2015. However the center PSA Villaverde has suffered a fall in production of 7 per cent. The reason is that sales of the sympathetic Cactus have declined in many of the countries in which it is on sale and the firm has had to readjust the production.

To these number we have to add the the 27,000 kits of the Citroen Berlingo that have been sent to Argentina to be assembled locally there. This number represents an increase compared to 2015 is 40 percent. With numbers in hand the models manufactured are the Berlingo and Partner with 151.000 and 139.600 units, respectively, and in the second place the C4 Cactus with 81.200 units. The C4 Picasso in its two versions has succeeded in constructing a 115.400 units and close the relationship the C-Elysée and 301 67.800 units.

To end it is to be mentioned that the factory that has the group in Vigo is being updated to accommodate the new Berlingo and Partner for the next year, 2018. This offers a salutary lesson for its workforce, and the establishment of the platform EMP2, which will give life to this pair of vehicles multispace.

Source – PSA (Peugeot, Citroën and DS)

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