PSA Peugeot-Citroën announced the arrival of DS to the united States

DS3 y DS3 Cabrio 2016

The refreshed DS3 and DS3 Cabrio pose with your elegant line.

are We closer to the return of PSA Peugeot-Citroën to the united States? In part, yes. And that is, confirmed the reports that come to the fore thanks to an internal source of the French group, PSA will announce so imminent the landing of the premium brand DS in the u.s. market. More specifically, the ad would be scheduled to be performed on the 5th of April.

A ad international expansion for the sub-brand of Citroën. Is more, let us remember that during the Geneva motor show last year, 2015, the French brand confirmed that it would begin selling the first models of DS in China. It is also expected that these international expansion plans to include in a future not very distant to Iran. And more when not many months ago we talked about the important collaboration agreement signed between PSA Peugeot-Citroën and Iran Khodro.

But to return to the future landing of DS in the united States, it would be a very important step for a possible return of Citroën to that market. Remember that Citroen left the united States in the year 1974. A few years later, Peugeot did the same, abandoning one of the main markets of automobile international. Something that, to this day, a group such as PSA can’t afford to.

DS3 Cabrio 2016

DS3 Cabrio, a ‘convertible’ to enjoy the sun and the summer breeze with all elegance.

If you well, and in case you finish confirming the foray to the DS in the u.s. market, what models would be made up to the mark? Because, if we look at the line of models that offer DS in the chinese market, we would be speaking of the DS3, DS4, DS4 Crossback, DS5, DS5LS and DS6 respectively. Obviously, any of these products would be present. The inner source that has released this information ensures that DS will come to the united States with the same range on offer in China.

¿In which prices could move to the DS range in the united States? Because, if again we take as reference point the chinese market, we see that there the range varies between 31,000 and$ 47,000$ (27.200€-41.250€). In addition, if we consider the models that Buick sold in the chinese market, which could put us at a price that could range between 25,000$ and 40,000$ (22.000€-35.100€), figures that we might well describe as “reasonable”.

Another important issue to take into account will be the of point of sale. For several years, both in the u.s. market as in other regions, the premium brands have opted to differentiate their points of sale of “its parent” in order to carve out an image that is all his own, and oblivious to the marks, which, of course, serve them the platforms and components of their models. It is for this reason that, in this case, we’ll have to see how they solve this small detail DS in its early arrival to the united States, as we have said, it should be announced on the 5th of April. Next Tuesday.