PSA Retail Spain and Portugal, the new commercial network of PSA in Iberia

Citroën C3 filtradoThe French Group PSA (Peugeot, Citroën and DS) has gone through a few delicate moments; however, it seems that they are slowly coming out of them. The restructuring that have suffered from the different brands that make up the group and their new commercial launches are putting on the correct path to the three manufacturers French. In addition, now the group has revamped its trading network to the Iberian Peninsula.

With this renovation the French Group has created a commercial tool high-level. PSA Retail Spain and Portugal arises from the merger of the three societies and has forty points of distribution new cars, occasion and official services in the main cities of Spain and Portugal. With it, the French expect to sell in 2016 between new and second-hand approximately 56,000 vehicles.

Peugeot 3008 GTThe focal point of the PSA’s Retail Spain and Portugal in the Iberian Peninsula is situated in the centre of Madrid. facilities located on Doctor Esquerdo feature 40,000 square feet and in them there are commercial exhibitions of the three brands that make up the group. In addition, Dr. Esquerdo has 12,000 square feet dedicated to the workshop and have highly qualified staff to perform the tasks of maintenance and repair of the vehicles of Peugeot, Citroën and DS.

DS5 restylingBetween Spain and Portugal PSA Retail sells annually more than 33,000 new cars and 23,000 of the occasion. Their workshops are able to bill more than 900,000 hours of work and for 2016 they expect to bill a turnover of 117 million euros in spare parts. With these figures, PSA Retail is configured with a group of strong distribution and competitive.

The renewed distribution network of the PSA Group employs 1,400 employees in the Iberian Peninsula and its points of sales and repair are located strategically in the 40 most important cities of Spain and Portugal. PSA Retail represents for the Group one out of every five sales of the three firms in Spain and Portugal remains an important part of business in Spain.

Source – PSA

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