PSA signed a cooperation with Punch Powertrain for the development of transmissions semi-hybrid


Punch Powertrain and PSA to collaborate on the provision and improvement of the dual clutch transmission special models semihíbridos 48V

PSA works tirelessly in the development of new sets motopropulsores hybrid for new generation models, a technology that will have its implementation over between the end of this year and 2019 with the world debut of its first two hybrid models, plug-in.

The first of them will be the DS 7 Crossback and just a few months after this technology also will come the new Peugeot 508 -offering in the same configuration– although we will also see other developments with lower-power models and the future DS 3 Crossback as well as in models, all-electric.

But to move more quickly and reduce the costs considerably, the giant French has reached an alliance of cooperation with Punch Powertrain, a provider of automotive belgian, who mainly works with chinese manufacturers such as Dongfeng, Geely or JAC equipping some of its models SUV with gearboxes CVT -the case of the Haima S5, JAC S3 and Dongfeng Fengguang 580, even in the Proton Saga, Geely Emgrand or the first generation of Mini – making to manufacture more than a million transmissions in two years ascending in 2015 until two million boxes of changes in 2017.


Detail of the new Hybrid transmission T2D Punch Powertrain

This alliance will allow the French PSA to strengthen its strategy of electrification in all ranges of their models with a time horizon set in 2025, and giving the belgian company as the main supplier with a caja automatic dual clutch a very compact design thanks to a high reduction of components and offers great performance in efficiency and in performance, especially designed for passenger cars and light commercial.

This box of double clutch energized is referred to as “hybrid T2D”, since it has with an electric motor of 48V integrated and especially designed for future models semihíbridos of the group’s brands with a special focus on Peugeot, DS and Citroën, a transmission that is based on the new T1D seven-speed special for compact Punch Powertrain has been designed completely by herself and patenting a system composed by a new type of clutch planetary you can change without problems ascending at all speeds, while making use of only four pairs of gears.

Counting with a single-axis side, it is possible to lower your dimensions, make it more compact and much more important, reduce your costs, according to explained from PSA and comparing with the current generation of the same type of transmission used by other manufacturers to provide a high comfort of conducción. The gearbox T1D, based on which it is designed for models with a torque limited up to 190 Nm but with a first relationship of the relationship great (1:18) offering accelerations soft in any circumstance, and a powerful performance in outstanding.