PSA unveils future strategy with the plan “Push to Pass”

Grupo PSA LogotipoPSA Peugeot-Citroën, or what is popularly know as PSA Group, faces a change of identity and a new strategic plan. Precisely PSA Group will be the new identity, the new brand of this French company that encompasses the brands Peugeot, Citroën and DS. After having returned to profitability with the plan “Back in the Race“, now the brand pursues new goals, getting to know its new strategic plan called “Push to Pass”, which will be in force in the period 2016-2021, with the second-most important stage from 2018.

With “Push to Pass” the PSA Group wants to bet more than ever for the quality and for being a global group. It also pursues as a goal to have a annual launch by region and by brand as of 2018, to always have a catalog of vehicles, current and modern. The PSA Group is planning to launch 34 new models, of which 26 would be passenger cars and 8 commercial vehicles, among which we could find a pick-up to compete with models like the Nissan Navara. The sustainable mobility will be present with the launch of 7 models plug-in hybrids and four electric.


apparently, the PSA Group has already been decided by the identity and the role it will play each of the three marks that are part of the same. Peugeot will play the role of brand generalist level, leaving Citroën as a brand of the people, with models more casual. DS, for its part, will be the branch premium of the group.

sustainable mobility and new technologies will also form part of the strategy up to 2021 of the PSA Group. The driving, autonomous, car-sharing and car-connected will be an important part of the plan “Push to Pass”. Despite having reached profitability, PSA will seek to optimize all their resources, with the continuing reduction of costs in search of higher profit margins. The brand also exploit new markets, enhancing some of the existing and entering into new ones such as the united States. After having regained the normal, now the PSA Group can afford to start a new yourney

Source – PSA Group