PSA will manufacture and sell a pick-up for Peugeot in Tunisia

Grupo PSA Logotipo

The French group PSA is in the process of expansion of its operations in various countries of the world. After the small blip that happened are coming back with force the market to recover lost ground after the fierce economic crisis. Everything comes soaked by the launch of new models and their incursion into segments in which up to now were not present. One of them is the of the pick up light, although it is recognised that some other model of these features have had as Peugeot Hoggar in Latin america.

however the officers of the PSA Group want more and for it to be launched to manufacture and sell a new pick up in Tunisia. According to the group, this new model is intended for Peugeot (Citroën have not spoken anything yet) and will have as mission to compete in the market with the Navara, Amarok and company. To make this possible PSA has signed an agreement with Stafim, partner traditional Peugeot in Tunisia for create a new factory in the assemble this pick up and possibly other models.

Peugeot Hoggar pick-up

According to the information provided by the PSA Group this new investment is collection in the plan “Push to Pass” you are following to recover its position in the market. With all of this the new plant should be operational by the middle of next 2018. Its production capacity will be variable and is expected to produce about 1,200 units per year to meet the demand of the african country.

once we know the details of this announcement we should ask ourselves a couple of questions. Some months ago we already we reported that the PSA Group was planning to launch a pick-up, but now the French group does not count with the necessary technology nor the economic resources necessary to develop a model so specific from zero. In addition, this would imply a time period much longer that you have offered for it that it is necessary to think that will have any partner strategic.

today [19459004their]agreements with the Group Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) seem to be in a dead spot since you only share the Nemo and Bipper and it seems that there are no plans for renewal. Mitsubishi does not seem feasible to reach an agreement because the economic performance and sales of previous agreements do not seem a good base. The only brand with which they could launch this pick-up is with Toyota since it is the manufacturer with the most are working at this time.

therefore, will we see a Hilux Toyota with the logo of the lion on the hood? very likely to be something like that.

Source – PSA Group (Peugeot, Citroën and DS)